18 February 2012

A5 Undated Diary Layouts

So as well as the dated versions of the new diary layouts3 that Ray and I have been working on. We also have undated versions of the same layouts.

You can print these off as and when you need a week or a day to plan a specific event. Or if you just want to try out these new layouts without printing off a whole load of pages.

Enhanced TM Week View (Undated)

Download Word file or PDF file

Vertical Week View

Download Word file or PDF file 

2 Days Per Page Lined and Unlined

Download Word file (Lined) or PDF file   or Word file (Unlined) or PDF file

Day Per Page

Download the Word File or PDF file 

Day on Two Pages

Download the Word File or PDF file

All of these files will print on to A5 paper or A4 paper using booklet print mode of your printer.

And for our next trick.... tune in next week!

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  1. Thanks guys - love these :o)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am going to trial the first page of the undated WO2P here, as a tv planner. I like to plan my tv and radio ahead, so that I don't miss things and so that I don't sit down and mindlessly watch rubbish until a programme I like comes on!!! So thanks Steve. I've got a weekly planner I use already for this, but it is a bit fiddly, and so I think your p1 here may work better.

  4. I found a template on JarfFM that Rob helped create. I am a teacher and liked the layout, however, I teach a 6 period day rather than 5. I also wanted to make a few changes to the second page. I saved all the changes but as soon as I mail merge the dates, it reverts back to the original. I have tried mail merging at different points and the same thing happens. It does not change the other pages either. Is there any advice you can give me please?


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