21 February 2012

Discount Code for City Organiser....

Our friends over at City Organiser have shared with Philofaxy a 15% off discount code, you can use this code when you purchase from their on-line store and use the promo code at the check out of andy15 this code will run until 30th April 2012.

I'm a keen customer of City Organiser, excellent customer service, good prices too,  keen and fair delivery charges including for overseas buyers.

Nothing in it for me... I'm just a satisfied long standing customer.


  1. Thanks Steve - I have also bought several items from City organiser and have been very pleased with their service and prices.

  2. ..and me. Whilst I've always tried to "shop local", my nearest stockist has reduced Filofax lines by so much (due to falling sales), that it's not even worth calling in. City Organiser carry a very extensive range and offer very prompt overnight delivery.

  3. DAMN! I placed an order yesterday BEFORE seeing this! That'll teach me!

  4. Give them a call they might oblige with adding the code if they haven't already processed your order.. Worth a call.

  5. Thank you, and City Organiser, for this.

    They just gained a new customer - I needed to get a few inserts to complete a few binders I just picked up on eBay.

  6. Thankyou for this- this helped with balancing out the postage cost to Australia. I've just bought my first filofax in years- my personal (a Hamilton) is way too big now.

  7. I´ve also placed my order yesterday... :-(
    I just wrote a mail - oh, hopefully there is a chance.
    But, Steve, I´ve received the sales mail this morning - do you think it is too late then?
    Hopefully, Renate

  8. Ohhhh,
    I´ve just called CO (as Steve told before) and Co will be so kind to apply it to my order yesterday!!!
    Thanks to Philofaxy, thanks to Steve and thanks to City organiser!!!