02 February 2012

The New Range... my own point of view..

OK so far I've reported on the new range, but I've not really commented on it from my own point of view...

New binders... good to see some brighter colours for those of you that are considering a new or replacement organiser this year. I'm happy for you lovers of purple that the Malden will also be available in this colour... I thought last years range was quite dull in terms of colour choices if you don't include the Apex...shhhhh

I'm might be tempted by the Malden Compact Zip... but that is about it for me out of the new ones.

However, inserts... this is the major issue for me... packaging like others have said doesn't bother me.. but reducing the range of inserts does concern me.

As yet we don't know what is going to stay and what is going to disappear.

Of course Filofax is a commercial company and they have to make a profit otherwise they can't pay the bills and they will sink without trace. 

People have said and continue to say that the quality of Filofax inserts isn't as good as other companies inserts and Philofaxy have supplied you with plenty of information on what fits and what doesn't, or how to make it fit your Filofax.

If however they continue with the same range with the same quality then of course sales of these items will drop off as we drift off to other solutions... so it's a catch 22 situation in a way.

So if the new designs don't improve the paper quality and designs don't please, then I'm not sure what they will do.

If they really are going to discontinue the TM Week per View insert then that is a blow, I'm using it this year and I know at least three other readers that are as well. For me this layout in A5 isn't quite perfect, but it's not far off it.

So if it is not going to be available next year then 'we' have to do something about it. To that end I've started a discussion with Ray over at My Life All In One Place.

Ray has produced some excellent templates for Day Per Page and other calendars, and I'm sure the techniques he has used are adaptable to Week Per View or Week on a Page plus notes/tasks etc. If it is possible to create such a template file I'm tempted to do one that looks similar to the FF TM Week Per View format, and one which I will adapt for my own preference, but of course you would also be able to adapt the design to your liking too.

Now that's a lot of 'ifs' but I'm sure we can come up with something to replace this particular insert design and any others that disappear. These will of course be made available for you to download and print yourself. I can't see me going in to 'production' to print these off on a for sale basis!

As I've said in earlier posts you will be kept informed with any developments either from Filofax or with our own development of substitutes.

[Update] A comment thread has been started on the Filofax Facebook Page to ask them to continue the TM inserts: http://www.facebook.com/filofax/posts/10150573385353357?notif_t=feed_comment


  1. To me, this causes a whole lot of sadness, because I do not think that Filofax is developing in 'my' direction...

    I do not care about fashionable binders, I care about practical and quality inserts. But, I do not think that they will come - any time, sooner or later.

    Even more sadly, I still stick to the personal size, so making inserts on my own will be a lot harder.

    I'm not giving up hope for the better, so let's wait and see...

    Thanks for the good information being gievn to us!!!

  2. Wait! Are you saying that Filofax is looking at discontinuing the week at a view (2 pages per week) style of insert pages? That is ALL I use!!! Or did I misunderstand you? And if they are is it for the personal AND the A5? Please tell me it isn't so.

  3. I do understand the need to discontinue not so popular inserts every now and again in order to be able to design and release new ones. Though, personally I am surprised that they have not developed an interactive "design your own" insert feature on their website, discontinuing all but the top selling inserts in each category. It wouldn't be too hard for them, I think, having templates that you can tweak directly on their website. I think that would be the way forward.

    1. That would be AMAZING, especially for those of us whose printers don't like unusual paper sizes, and therefore struggle to print the templates available here on Philofaxy.

  4. Erin
    Don't panic, it's the Time Management Week Per View insert that we have heard rumours that it might be disappearing:



  5. It's on this page:



  6. The link is


    ... but WO2P ain't no longer there! And if you want TM DO1P forget it - "out of stock". Annual update set? Forget that too "sold out"!

    It's clearly a deletion because if you hover over your mouse over the main descriptive graphic at www.filofax.co.uk/timemanagement/pro_sys.asp
    there's no longer a mention of daily or weekly views!

  7. Right I've made my comment on the Filofax facebook page (Steve could you make this more prominent so others on Philofaxy have the change to comment too?).

    Well, my friends, if the quality of the inserts diminish further we will just have to vote with our feet and buy from alternative suppliers who do care about time management - which may ultimately lead us to buy their binders as well.

    I suppose we are all hoping they may just blow us away with some really nice inserts - but I was always an optimist!!!

  8. I also understand the need to phase out inserts that do not sell quantities that warrant production. I often see inserts (usually in the Personal size) as it has the widest range and do wonder how many people would buy/use that. However, no matter what insert you take away you will upset someone who likes and uses that insert.

    I do believe that Filofax really need to work on the inserts more than the binders themselves. However, I wonder why they havn't made any updates to many of the inserts in years. (I have been using a Filofax for 10 years and the standard WO2P has never changed). Maybe the profit on the inserts is small and therefore developing and selling more binders is more important. As we all know, there are very few Philofaxy readers who own ONE (not one of each size) binder.

    The idea of designing your own diary would be very useful and I think popular. Howvever, on FF UK website there is a personal insert where you can add photos to a WO2P diary. This is as close to designing your own diary as they do. ( I know its really not designing anything except the pictures) I have never heard of a reader here who uses that format. Are there any?

  9. I agree with Alison - if the quality of the inserts falls any further, I will be voting with my feet (or my printer...).
    Yes, there must be economies of scale and some less-well selling inserts are probably making a loss, but then... how many of us on here have bemoaned the fact you can't get the full range available on every site??? Surely, a solution would be to have all the inserts available on all the sites? I mean, there are things only available on the French or Danish sites that all of us have liked... How many more sales would there be if they were available across all online sites?

    Just a thought...

    I have to say I am finding myself spending far more time on eBay looking at the old binders than looking at any of the new ones - they are of better quality and are better designs. Does Filofax actually read this site I wonder? They don't appear to take anything we say on board...

  10. Like Tommes, I am upset that Filofax is so squarely moving away from my needs and preferences. Putting out fashionable binders with bright colored inserts is fine, but not when they are discontinuing solid practical binders and offering less choice in practical black and white inserts.

    I just ordered a Daytimer day on two pages insert to compare to the Do2P from Filofax. I like the open page on the Daytimer better, but prefer the clean, professional black and white look of the Filofax product.

    My wishes? Easy. I want a nice sturdy binder with 30mm rings but not zip. I want two elasticized pen loops. I want the binder to be made of nice sturdy leather with no plasticky coating. For inserts, I want Do2P with more notes space and less to-do space, printed on decent quality paper, please!

  11. It's alot about what sells. Unfortunately like SSA said, this will make some people unhappy. If Filofax could at least change the quality of their paper (like Mont Blanc, Kate Spade or Franklin) so I could have a more pleasing writing experience I would really appreciate that. I do understand that it probably won't happen and therefore I will have to buy from other vendors if I want that quality. To me this is a pain in the @#*.

    If a time management system with higher quality pages was offered by Filofax I am sure the price would go up quite a bit too. Franklin has managed to keep their prices somewhat reasonable by compromising a bit. I'm not sure all Filofax users would be happy about increased prices.

    If you look at the current selection of Franklin binders you would be very disappointed. Most are black and/or bulky. Their paper planning system is still very well structered but thinner than it used to be. They used to have more of a selection. It seems that paper based planning systems are not what they used be in the good old days (again, a demand issue). It's still a great choice if you like a super structured system with a better writing experience.

    It does seem unfair that Filofax decided to discontinue their time management pages. I can see where this would be discouraging after investing so much in leather binders. If they ever made an ideal planner page for the personal or pocket size, which they don't, I would be unhappy too.

    Personally, I do appreciate the simplicity of their pages which means I can customize them however I want. There is no extraneous clutter which makes it easier to follow your writing. I do get frustrated with the paper sometimes and buy another brand just like with any other unsatisfactory product. I have never found a perfect solution.

    I hope the structured TM crowd can influence Filofax in some way and it works out well for you.

  12. I have to say I'm not hugely convinced that Filofax *have* ditched their TM inserts based on the fact it's sold out on the website. It is February after all and with a smaller print run (presumably) than the standard diaries it's not surprising it's sold out.

    I think (hope!) we may be getting our knickers in a twist over nothing here.

  13. A (IMO) great alternative for A5 business inserts is Timesystem. (timesystem.com). I know they are a bit pricey, but the layout is superb. Here is a link to their Weekly pages: http://www.timesystem.us/v/vspfiles/V4_Backup/refill_samples_A5.htm

    They also have awsome 2PPD format for the A5 (fully compatible with Filofax btw).

    What's more: someone on DIYplanner had created an exact copy template of these pages, which you can print out yourself. If you can't find them, drop me a line, cos I know who did them in the past.

  14. Thanks for that link Jotje.

    I like their Weekly View:


    That has possibilities...

  15. I actually just discovered the the German Timesystem site offers undated PDF-sample pages to print yourself. Great if you wanna try out their weekly or daily format, or their numerous other forms (have a look at their Checklist-form!!)


  16. I guess the market has changed now that people have scheduling systems in their phones and ipads. So ff has had to reinvent themselves as a fashion brand to stay afloat. It has obviously paid off financially or they wouldnt' be doing it.

    Interesting that they seem to be moving more into the Aspinal/Mulberry/Smythson territory than GTD/FC territory. I wonder how they will fare long term? If I was paying huge money for a binder I would still go Smythson or Mulberry rather than Filofax. Filofax binders these days are not nearly as hardy and robust as they used to be. And their snob value is never going to be up there for Hermés for example, no matter how they price themselves.

    I moved from digital back to paper because I like doing things on paper. Writing things down is quicker and easier than tapping them in and I find the process calming and comforting. I know I will have recorded it permanently and correctly. I think more and more people will be moving back to paper.

    Myself, I find my needs are not met by Filofax inserts as they are. The selection for A5 is measly, the scheduling system too basic, the paper not good enough. But I don't want to print my inserts myself - I want to buy them.

  17. Yes Janet, I agree. The binders, although prettier, do not have the quality that they used to. This is something I value and I am sad we lost.

  18. I must also thank Jotje for the Timesystem.de examples, they have a really good layout and are stylish. I am going to have so much fun with these over the weekend.

    Leading on from the German site, the Russian site has example inserts in English that can be copied and printed; including such things as wine guides!
    Here is the A5….

    Have fun!

  19. I think this is a mistake. As the economic crisis gets deeper, I don't think the answer is to increase the range of expensive binders.

    While the inserts are not a high profit item, they are a niche, and it would be nice if Filofax were to put a little more thought into making these nicer, with higher quality paper, etc.

  20. "Of course Filofax is a commercial company and they have to make a profit otherwise they can't pay the bills and they will sink without trace,"

    The USP of a Filofax, as opposed to a standard notepad costing 50p, is the ability to keep the binder, and transfer, rearrange and change inserts at will - this is elemental stuff but IF that's the direction they're going, then they are shooting themselves in the foot for users like me who will buy maybe two or three binders a decade, preferring classic professional-looking styles (currently 3 x Finsbury, an A5 Kendal and a cheeky personal Logic for my handbag) over things with hearts, flowers, butterflies or freakin' PUPPYDOGS(that must be next?) on them!

    I'd happily pay more (£100-ish) for a binder that isn't all gimmicky and which will last, and then have the inserts available that I need - mind you I'm currently banging the drum for print-on-demand which makes it a bit less of an issue.

    I can't comment on paper quality because I still use the gold Parker mechanical pencil (with a B lead - so much more forgiving than HB if you erase things sometimes!) and biro set my nan gave me as a wee kiddie! :D

  21. @Scoot: there is even a Russian site? Will go and check that out ...

    I'm actually a Timesystem gal. My boss (many many years ago) gave every employee a T/S system with annual refill and MADE us use it. We got a timemanagement training every year. I switched over to Filofax, because the binders are so much prettier. At first I used the T/S inserts in my A5 pink Finsbury, then I began downsizing to Personal (even to Pocket - mind you!) and T/S became a thing of the past.
    I LOVE the filofax binders, they are so pretty and nice, it just makes me happy to look at them AND USE THEM! Thing is: if I can't use them because the inserts fail, the prettiness of the binder is a waste as well.

    I'm still using Filofax binders for: workrelated lists and notes (A5), shopping lists and wallet (Pocket), a journal on my 4 kids (Personal), school-related notes on my kids (A5), travel binder (Personal).
    For the real planning - however - I have been using a Wirebound Planner for the past 3.5 months (Erin Condren Life Planner), which satisfies so many of my planning needs. I'm still secretely on the lookout for Filofax-inserts (also other brands obviously), but I haven't found anything yet that matches the practicality of the EC-planner ...

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I'm excited about working with Steve on a WOTP diary. It has some real challenges that you don't face with a single day or 2 days per page. The mail merge needs all sorts of conditional expressions for when the week contains a month end. Once we get past that, though, we'll be able to design a whole range of templates around it. If there's a prticular feature you'd like to see, let us know.

  24. Jotji, I'd be interested in a link to the diyplanner TS look-alike's that you mention. I've looked through the templates that I can see on the site and don't see which ones you mean. Thanks!


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