23 February 2012

Guest Post - Alice - Erin

Thank you to Erin for sending in the details of her Cuban she calls Alice!

This is my A5 Cuban Filofax in Chili that I named "Alice." There's a story behind the name.

My parents, who both recently passed away, had a great sense of humour. My Dad used to joke with my Mom that he hoped they would never get Alzheimer's Disease.

For a joke, he called himself Al Z. Heimer and he called my Mom Alice Heimer. So, I don't mean to make fun of anyone with this horrible disease, but they used this terminology as a fun way to call each other these pet names.

He called her "Alice" so often that many people thought it was her name. So, I named her Alice in honour of not "forgetting" anything since I have my trusty Filofax to write everything down in.

This is Alice's inside cover and my cover page.  I love dogs so that's why I chose this piece.

This is Alice showing off her spooky Halloween sticker...Alice leaves me lots of room to write in the day per page format.

These are Alice's brightly colored tabs  "To Do"   "Books"  "Finances"  .   I have a few blank ones that I need to figure out what to do with.

Alice's inside front cover showing the Filofax page cover sheet and a drawing that reminds me of my husband and myself.

Thank you Erin for sharing your photos and story with us.


  1. Lovely binder and a lovely story about the name! Thank you Erin.

  2. What a lovely filo & thanks for sharing, Erin :)

  3. Thank you for the report, Erin. I always enjoy seeing how other people use their Filofax.

  4. Thanks Erin! My grandmother passed away from Alzheimers. It is such an awful ravaging disease and so many families have been affected by it. I utterly loved hearing of your father's jokiness and I personally was not offended in the least, because humour is so often the best way to diffuse our worries....our family too have some laugh out loud stories.... what a wonderful man... a warmth and twinkle to his personality.Like me, you have been blessed with a wonderful dad, by the sound of things. As a child, I too had the nickname Alice, as in Alice in Wonderland, as it was one of my favourite stories, and I was always a daydreamer extraordinnaire. So it was plain lovely to read all about Alice, your Filofax. I absoloutely adore the pictures you have at the front. Is there a website address where one can download these. I'd love to know and look at others to possibly download for my own Filo. Thank you.

  5. Love the post...
    You gave me a big smile :)


  6. A wonderful post, a great story and a great Filofax.

  7. @Butanben
    Thank you so much for your kind comments and I'm glad I didn't offend. I truly had the best Papa in the world (I think) along with my Mom and I'm really lucky. The pictures are from an old Mary Engelbreit desk calendar that I cut out and punched holes in.

    Thanks to all for such nice comments!


  8. Thanks Erin. I'll look out for Mary Engelbright on the internet. I so enjoyed reading your post.It's lovely when folks share little bits of themselves, their lives and thoughts, along with their Filofax set ups. I am always so amazed at how different everybody's set ups are and what superb ideas the Philofaxy community come up with. Thanks for sharing Mary Engelbright's lovely drawings with us too Erin.I loved those. xxxx


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