18 February 2012

Web Finds - 18 February 2012

And so another week and some great finds this week, some for the first time I think.


  1. Ah, I was wondering why there were Personal sized inserts in what seemed more like an A5 binder - looks like a mix and match of FF with Flex??? Still, will never justify the price in my books.

  2. Did TemperleyWorld just slit in a large moleskine notebook? That's what it looks like ...?

  3. Thanks for another Saturday collection.

    I spent quite a bit of time pausing the Temperley video and saw lots of stylish ideas, though it is a bit disappointing that dividers and page markers were not unique.

    The non-zipped model's rings didn't look very big, almost as if the paper side of things was meant to be small to perhaps live in balance with a modern technological world?

    Yes, there was a thick book, slipped in her non-zipped fax “a la flex” but in her case I think a drawing book. Even if you didn't want the book, the space available from the wide spine would allow a phone and calculator etc.

    On the non-zipped, at around 15 secs, there was a curved piece of leather/plastic? On the left of the rings, presumably to keep the ringed pages over to the right.
    At 24 secs there appears to be two crocodile leather pockets/folders in a zipped fax, side opening to the left as show at 28 secs, for a phone etc.

    Despite the inevitably high price, they look really classy and yet both modern and practical, I suspect they will be best sellers.

  4. Thanks for all these great posts to read :)

  5. On the Alice Temperley, I wonder how the curved bit on the upper and lower edges of the spine, is going to be protected? This is the part that wore terribly, within months on my Graphic A5. I was bitterly disappointed. My Finsbury has been much tougher. I hope, for that price that the Temperly is hard wearing and practical. Will be interesting to see.....

  6. Thanks for some great finds again Steve. I am saving the big read until the chores are done tomorrow, as a treat. Yaaaaay!!

  7. oh I am so late for the web finds this week! Classes are making me very busy but I am glad I finally will treat myself reading this posts! :)