13 March 2014

Filofax Tip No. 5

So today's tip.

Time for a Spring clean of your organiser? Lots of people ask me how do you clean the leather or the textiles on my organisers.

For the exterior leather I use a small amount of leather care balm, any good shoe shop or hand bag (purse) shop should have something. I use a beeswax enriched product which I bought from a UK supermarket by Wheelers.

But for the interior if it's a textile type finish they pick up paper dust and general dust, can't be helped. My 'Sticky tape' dust lifting method works every time! Watch the video and you will see what I mean. The metal part just need a little light polishing with a liquid polish and a soft cloth to keep them shiny and finger print and rust free.

I've been asked if the rings have got surface rust what to do. A metal polish or cotton wadding which has polish impregnated in to it is the best way... and lots of rubbing with your fingers should remove it. I'm reluctant to suggest using any form of abrasive, sure it will remove the rust quickly, but you will be left with a scratched surface.

If the textile interior has become soiled in any way, try using a spray type foam carpet cleaner, don't get it too wet. Water and planners don't go very well together!

Until the next tip happy organising.  Check out other tips here.

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