06 March 2014

Press Release - Gillio Firenze - New prices for 2014 - Updated

Thanks to our international fans, Gillio has been working hard over these last few months to improve the service to our customers. Not only are we improving response times and overall customer service, but we are also developing new products and trying to implement as many of your suggestions and remarks as we can. We want to thank you all very much for your enthusiasm and support!

We received a lot of questions about the pen that is no longer included with our organisers. As you might know, Gillio has released its own pen range end of 2013. Its only natural we want our high-quality organisers to be accompanied by one of our own high-quality pens! Therefore, in early March, following changes will take place: 

1.    We have not increased our prices over the last couple of years, although both material costs and labour costs have gone up significantly. In order to be able to keep producing with the same high quality materials, the prices of all Gillio products will slightly increase. All new prices are already available on our website, but here is an overview of the most important organiser-models and their prices:

starting at: 188
starting at: 245
starting at: 352
starting at: 198
starting at: 286
starting at: 390
Slim Medium Compagna

starting at: 225

Mia Cara
starting at: 398
starting at: 470
starting at: 585

All the above prices include VAT at 21%

 2. Even though the prices for all Gillio products have gone up we wanted to do something extra for all organiser fans. Instead of the previously included basic silver-coloured pen, all of our models will now come with a high quality signature Gillio Pen.

3. Listening to the demands and needs of our ever-growing fanbase, we have been very busy re-negotiating transport costs with our freight forwarder. As a result we will significantly decrease our shipping costs on all orders placed after the 6th of March. Some examples:
  •  to the US: 25 (instead of 38)
  •  to Australia/Canada: 35 (instead of 69)
  • to Italy/Ireland: €20 (instead of €38)

For countries like Italy and Ireland the total cost of a medium compagna epoca planner will be more or less the same including all pricing differences, it will even be upgraded with a better pen!
For some countries like Australia and Canada there is even better news, due to a significant drop in transport costs the same planner will be even cheaper!

Check the shipping costs to your country on our website! See http://www.gillio.be/EN/faq/17/titel

For those who have pre-ordered with us please keep an eye on our Facebook page in the coming days. We are still considering how these changes might affect you and what options to offer for you all!

Gillio Firenze

Dear Customer,

For those who pre-ordered one or more items you will be refunded the difference in shipping costs between the old prices and the new prices for those items that still need to be shipped and have not been refunded already.

Please send us your PAYPAL address or IBAN and BIC bank info (EU) to which we can refund once your pre-ordered items are shipped (to steve@gillio.eu).

We have seen comments from some people inquiring about the pens but they will be available soon for purchase through our website!

If you have any questions about this contact us via online chat or e-mail: steve@gillio.eu

Kind regards!
Gillio team


  1. Merci pour les informations

  2. Glad to hear those ridiculous shipping costs are coming down!

  3. Thank you for this information. I have two comments. First, I believe that if the pens will no longer be included, then the description on their website should be corrected. Currently, it says "comes will ballpoint pen". So, does it or doesn't it?
    That being said, in my own opinion, I feel that if a customer spends over $500 for a planner, it's kind of off putting to have the pen offer removed.