20 March 2014

Filofax Tip No. 6

So today's tip. I know quite a few of you have mourned the passing of the black Filofax boxes and sleeves, which have been replaced by a clear plastic sleeve.

If like me you like to store your organisers in a box so they retain their 'box freshness' until you next use them. Then there is a simple solution and they aren't expensive either.

Do a simple search for 'gift box' on your local Amazon or stationery supplier and I was surprised at the number of different options that come up... and in a variety of colours too. No more pulling out black box after black box searching for that elusive Malden or Holborn!

Until the next tip happy organising.  Check out other tips here.


  1. The other day my DGF threw away an original black box! Can you believe it? She *t h r e w* it *a w a y* ... Luckily I saw it soon enough to rescue it. Now I'm the happy owner of another Personal sized storing box :-)

    1. Better lock it away!!! Well rescued...

    2. It's in the same secret place like my other refills ;)

  2. That's a great idea! I haven't actually purchased a new binder for a while so I didn't realize they had done away with those boxes. So sad! They were nice.