18 March 2014

Web Finds - 18 March 2014

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. In praise of the A5 Domino (1) - Paper Pens Ink
  2. My dashboard #blog - My Summer Touch
  3. NEW PRODUCT: the Filofax A5 Clipbook - Addicted to Stationery
  4. Introducing… Green Original - Incarnations of Organization
  5. How I Use DIY Fish Inserts V02.1 - OATTblog
  6. Gorjuss dividers_ filofax A5 - Lucy Wonderland
  7. Post No. 5 for The Teaching Project - This Bugs Life
  8. Paperchase Organiser - The Kentish Kitchen
  9. A plan for order {a free printable} - live.love.sew
  10. Win a tool roll kit and a £10 voucher for maudie.made - Maudie Made
  11. In praise of the A5 Domino (2) - Paper Pens Ink
  12. Binders for sale in Kikosattic on Etsy - This Bugs Life
  13. The Four Laws of Simplicity, and How to Apply Them to Planning - Paper Goodness
  14. Filofax Dashboards - Hello, I'm a Paper Addict
  15. Planning The Weekend - Giftie Etcetera
  16. My Akiko Binder from Kikosattic - This Bugs Life
  17. How I stay organised-Part 1-Filofax - Gintare's Nursing Journey
  18. "My Week" Links from Around the Web 3/17/14 - The  Contemplative Belle  
  19. March Filofax Update - OATTblog
  20. Day- Timer Dashoard - Roses in December
  21. What our Gillios will look like in 6 years… - Just Happy Me
  22. Comparison of Portland Grand and Cavendish Personal - This Bugs Life
  23. Weekly To-Do List- Clucking Chickens - Incarnations of Organization
  24. Filofax Case - Katherine Thompson
  25. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Van der Spek organiser - Joshua LaPorte
  2. How I use DIYFish Inserts (update) - OATTblog
  3. My New Filofax | Kate Spade Planner Overview - Miss Trenchcoat
  4. Week 12 Filofax Decoration - Filofascination 
  5. Filofax decoration week 12 - Palestblue
  6. Filofax March Setup - OATTblog
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  1. How comes that Filofax clipbook is being randomly sold in WHsmith but there hasn`t been a word about it anywhere else? Does anybody know when they will be available online?
    Also is it just me, or did they change logo on this product?
    This is so exciting !!! Looks like A5 slimline at last.

  2. Steve, the penultimate link, Nr 24, Katherine Thompson, isn't working. Just gives a 404 error.

  3. Thanks Paul, I've updated the link.

  4. Ok I need to get up to speed...what is Filofax Focus? Looks pretty freakin awesome! Post vacation brain fog and post surgical care for hubby has me a bit out of the loop. Better go back a few posts and play catch up. I'm loving flipping through thus!