15 March 2014

Web Finds - 15 March 2014

So here are the latest Filofax blog posts from around the Internet:
  1. The Planner Bug - The Kentish Kitchen
  2. How to: DIY Fish Inserts (V02.1) - OATTblog
  3. Design Inspiration - Filofax Blog
  4. On Missing My Filofax Peeps... - The Journal Keeper
  5. Unser Forum hat Geburtstag! - Filomaniac
  6. I'm curious.... - The Crazy Suburban Mom
  7. Filling the 'DIY' Planner - The Kentish Kitchen
  8. Design Inspiration - Filofax Blog
  9. Bullet Journal notebook changeover - Plannerisms
  10. Neuheiten 2014 (2): Cover Story - Floral Burst - Filomaniac
  11. Tip Tuesday (A5 Paper) - En Vogue Pogue
  12. Calendarpedia - This Bugs Life
  13. Other uses of Filofax paper - Looking through a frosty window
  14. Ashley’s 2014 Planner Set-Up - Homemakers Daily
  15. Gigliodoro Epoca Dark Green - Filo-Manie
  16. Storage for Pens used in my Filofax - The Storage Studio
  17. Neuheiten 2014 (3): Willow - Filomaniac
  18. How I use my planner + Bullet Journal notebook - Plannerisms
  19. Falling In Love All Over Again - The Zeitgeist of Zoe
  20. Office Supplies- Things not “Of Filofax” - Incarnations of Organization
  21. A5 and Full-Size Zenok Zendoris in Action - This Bugs Life
  22. Neuheiten 2014 (4): Domino Patent Pink  - Filomaniac
  23. Stationery overload! - Maudie Made
  24. A new Filofax and some custom inserts - The University Project
  25. 03.13.14 - Raika Planner (NI 201 BONE) Overview [Photo Heavy] - Innocent+Twisted
  26. Secret Habits Of The Organized - Giftie Etcetera
  27. Upcycling into your Filofax - Filofax Friday - Week 10 - Mrs Brimbles
  28. My writing set up: using Filofaxes for writing - Filohacks
  29. Starten met een Filofax Lily's Beauty & Lifestyle
  30. My Planning Sessions: How I Use My Planners (2014) - Organized Jen
  31. Planner Problems (And How I'm Solving Them) - Now You're Really Living
  32. Photo Friday #1 - The Kentish Kitchen
  33. FFAF No. 27: Planner page size/ writing space: How big is too big? - Plannerisms
  34. 1980s Shark Filofax Winchester - This Bugs Life
  35. Filofax Friday - En Vogue Pogue
  36. Filofax Spotlight: Interview with AdamsFilo - Cool Pencil Case
  37. Organising My Paper - Roses in December 
  38. Filofax Focus - Steve Morton
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And here are a selection of the latest Filofax videos for your enjoyment.
  1. Van Der Spek Planner, Gillio and Filofax Comparison A5 - Confessions of a Dublin Lassie
  2. Filofax Week 11 Decoration Tutorial - Sugarpandax3
  3. How to organize your Filofax/planner supplies (cheap and easy method) - The GLOSSette
  4. Organize my Life - Filofax Setup, Blogplanung und Meal Planner (deutsch) - Heike  Relloemein
  5. Set up of my new Filofax A5 original. - Craft Room Secrets
  6. Fab Lady Bug Filofax A5 Metropol Setup - Lalamore13
  7. Filofax Decoration Week 12 - Tipa Childers
  8. My New Mini Topaz FiloFax Organizer REVIEW - Tee SoNatural
  9. Filofax Weekly Decorating 3/10/2014 - 3/16/2014 - Love of Stationery
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1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    thanks for that list!

    On my (German) blog I also started blogging about Filofax.
    Here's an article about the Filofax hype that started in Germany around January this year: http://ikiru.de/alltag/faszination-filofax.php
    ... and here's a DIY about creating your own dividers: http://ikiru.de/do-it-yourself/filofax-diy-divider-selber-basteln.php