14 February 2018

Can you identify this Filofax personal organiser?

I received an email from Gordon, who recently discovered Philofaxy.

He shared some photographs of his Filofax organiser that he recalls buying in 1987, but it doesn't have a name shown on it. He was asking if we could identify the model name at all.

I had a quick look at the 1987 catalogue and I think it's the vinyl version of the Filofax Buckingham bottom right in the scan below.

Here is Gordon's organiser.

Things to note about the design which might help with identifying the exact model:
  • It has metal corners which Gordon suggests have protected the cover during it's 30+ years!
  • The closure is a magnetic button not the usual popper. 
  • The ring mechanism is painted or powder coated. 
So do you recognise this Filofax model at all, please drop your thoughts in to the comments below.

The Wellington, seems to be the best fit from the description in the 1987 catalogue:

Thank you to Gordon for sharing the photos with us. 


  1. Another suggestion for the model name is the Wellington

  2. Yes it is a Wellington, named because of the rubber material used. I have one in red.
    Guess the 1RF7/8 product code that would have been inside has worn off over time.

  3. The ribbed vinyl version of the Buckingham had a clear plastic pocket inside front, I can't remember if there was one also on back. I don't think it had a fastening. I had a blue one which I lost long ago.

    I like Gordon's Wellington.

    1. You are right Carol - clear pockets (full height at the back and smaller diagonal at the front) and no fastener.
      The Wellington shown here has obviously proved pretty durable - just as well, because it was by no means cheap when new, being priced at almost as much as a leather Winchester.

  4. Somewhere in my loft, in the dusty nooks, I have my very first personal Filofax from 1987. A chestnut brown personal, I love to know its name, as now I am a Filofax fan it seems more important. It is not this one though!! I think it is up there somewhere in the loft,or shock, horror was it an Oxfam donation on my last house move? How many vintage Filofaxes are stuck in lofts up and down the land I wonder? Love your Wellington Gordon and lovely to see it still in use and being so much loved after so many years. xx

  5. Hi folks, many thanks for identifying my much-loved Filofax. So it's a Wellington after Welly boots! I remember very well buying it in early 1987 but I've never seen anyone with one since. It was more common to have the leather binders like the Winchester, but I wanted to have something a little more distinctive and I always liked the ribbed rubber finish. It surely is durable, it's been around the world a few times with me and I've used it daily ever since I got it. Thanks again! Gordon

    1. Long may it continue in service Gordon.
      I think you've proved these are as tough as old boots!