21 February 2018

How Often Do You Visit Philofaxy

I've created a poll in the side bar, which you will need to use a desktop/laptop to see, to see how often people visit Philofaxy.

I'm not too concerned if people aren't visiting every day, which would be nice of course. But the outcome of the poll will help me plan posts in terms of how often we might need to repeat important information, so people don't miss things.

Details of each days posts on Philofaxy as you might know go out automatically or manually to a variety of places:
  • RSS feed.
  • By Email to subscribers (see the box in the side bar to subscribe).
  • Twitter (@philofaxy and @philofaxynews ).
  • Flipboard (Filofax Focus see the side bar also).
  • Facebook groups, this varies depending on the topic.
However, I realise that there is a lot of pressure on peoples time every day of the week these days. 

Thank you for taking part in the poll it will close early in March. 

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