19 February 2018

Philofaxy Meet Ups

Back at the beginning of the year we announced two meet ups coming up in March. You will find the full details about each one here:
As usual we have had a reasonably good response to the announcements. This post is just a gentle reminder to those who might have missed the original posts or have forgotten to contact me to ask for their name to be added to the list of attendees. 

Numbers are less critical at the London venue, but we do need a precise number for the Bath meet up by the end of February so a table can be booked etc. 

I will be sending out an email to all of those people that have responded in the next day or two with some additional details etc. 

So please get in touch a.s.a.p. if you would like to attend either of the meet ups, I will have some goodies to bring along and give away....

I look forward to seeing you there. 

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