25 February 2018

Diary Inserts on Philofaxy...

You might be surprised to hear that people are not aware of the Philofaxy diary inserts produced in conjunction with Ray Blake and his blog My Life All in One Place!

Yes one of the most frequent questions I see on Facebook often is similar to this:
I've just bought an XYZ where can I get inserts for it.... 
And they are in the Philofaxy group on Facebook!

I often post cryptic replies recommending Philofaxy as being an excellent resource with a 😀 but they often don't make the connection between me and the site!

You will find them here free to download and print yourself:

You will find our full range of 2018 diary inserts here and in addition you will find the 2019 diary inserts here.

I will be starting on the creation of the 2020 inserts sometime in the near future.....


  1. And what a life saver these inserts have been. I have been able to come up woth something close to planner peace only because of you and Ray! So you are in my thoughts daily :)

  2. These inserts are nothing short from life saving. I have found my planner peace because of these inserts. All thanks to Steve and Ray.

  3. In the past I was able to print a Month on one page with notes on letter size as I am in the US. Did that option go away? My printer doesn't support printing on personal size paper.