18 February 2018

Future Podcast Topics - Update

We have been steadily producing podcasts this last couple of years.

We are taking a slight pause in our busy schedules at the moment to come up with some new topics.

With more than sixty episodes to listen to there are plenty of topics that I hope you will enjoy.

As always we are interested to hear what you would like to hear us discuss.  Even if you would like us to revisit a topic and may be cover it from a slightly different angle we would be more than happy to do that. 

None of our recordings are scripted as such, we have a rough idea of some of the things we want to include but generally they are done straight 'off the cuff', it is a very relaxed style and I hope you enjoy listening to each episode. 

If you haven't discovered the Podcast yet, you can listen on line to each one using a variety of methods: 
I am in the process of setting up a new podcast feed so that iTunes holds more podcasts in the feed than it currently does. This will take a few weeks to set up but hopefully it will give a better service once set up.

So what topics would you like us to discuss in the coming weeks? Please leave a comment down below or email steve at philofaxy dot com. 


  1. Hello Steve: I am not a dedicated filofax user, even though I have been using one for very many years...... currently I am using a personal sized Kensington organizer, that I purchased on eBay (at least 10 years ago) I have not used any other. When I view your blog (or other info, after doing a search) I keep reading about washi tape (or whatever that is) and other silly stuff, with nonedescript useless pictures, And other similar junk,

    Is there any location (re url) where I can go to further my knowledge?

    Thanks, David

  2. Washi tape is like a decorative prettified sticky sellotape. There are some patterns that seem more feminine in design and a few that are more masculine in design. An online store called Etsy is a good place to start. Some folks use it decoratively, to prettify their planners or highlight something, I add a Christmas strip to Christmas Day for example so it stands out.It comes in thick and thin. The thin is useful to divide up sections in note pages I find. I use it most down the side of printouts to strengthen the holes punched so they don't rip through. This I use for expensive inserts, eg my glossy maps or ones I use a lot, eg menu planner, used daily. Hope that helps. The most useful ephemera I find are the mild lighter soft highlighter pens. Amazon and E Bay stock these, and the Sharpie red highlighter, really a true red, Amazon takes a while to arrive as the mild lighters are from Japan, but worth the wait. Stencils I also find useful. Again, ETSY online is a treasure trove.

  3. Thank you Butanben, for ignoring my tasteless remarks, about Philofaxy: I have been reading this blog for very many years, And do so enjoy it. I also realize that I have a lot to learn.

    Cheers David

  4. Aww David, I love Philofaxy too. There's not actually a lot to learn, just a question of trying new layouts out and planner inserts to suit your schedules and ways of working. It's fun, and fun to design your own inserts too.The problem is there is so much to choose from nowadays and trial and error is the only way to find what works for you. Post it notes for example drive me batty, as they are always falling out and thus being lost. I find it a shame that more chaps don't post more on Philofaxy. There are some regulars like Tim, David Popley and Joshua, but many more female contributors and a lot of planner creativity and planner prettifying as a consequence on You Tube. I know that is a generalization and I don't want to be sexist here, everyone has their own style of planning and preferences. I must say, I do enjoy watching You Tube planner vids and the wide range of ideas and creative pages that folks make. I tend to err on the side of functional planning, it's quicker and I think more professional looking as my artistic skills are hopeless,Kindergarten level really, yet I admire the skills and artistry of others.My compromise is to decorate and prettify one page, but I don't overdo it otherwise I miss the important information amongst an overly busy decorative page,I decorate my daily page each day with icon stickers and quote boxes, no washi though!! The rest of my planner is plain and functional. BTW David, I attended a Philofaxy meet up in London a few years back and that was tremendous fun! The people were great company, a lovely meal, and lots of planner sharing, stationery shopping and a chance to look round London.

  5. Steve,just a tentative thought and suggestion. I am struggling a bit at recovering from my double surgery and have had to use my personal sized EDC,Every Day Carry, as a main planner,just for appointments for now. Too tired to get setting up my A5 again and too much else to catch up on. The post pile alone is like paper mountain after 2 months in hospital. Would a podcast on planning for the unexpected be a good idea?? You know how to plan and enact beforehand for the unexpected, the power cut, hurricane, snowstorm, emergency hospital admission either you or family. I didn't expect to be in hospital and so no appropriate things like shampoo etc nighties,were ready at all, stupid things like a couple of extra spare key sets for friends and a mini address book would have been good. I live on my own, so no hubs or partner to help. My friend Maire was fantastic and a blessing. I was grateful I had some cash in my purse too, spare. It is wise to keep some cash at home too, in a safe spot and any travel tickets separately from your handbag/manbag..... my handbag was stolen once at work and I literally had nothing to eat or be able to get, as I was planning to go to the shops that evening!! Maybe you have already covered this topic, I don't know, but any tips from anyone out there would be utterly appreciated anyway. I am amazed at how long recovery is taking me and feeling frustrated with my planning, doing and pace thereof!!! Recovery will happen, but any tips, however small to help, would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance. xx