08 November 2010

Avon Filofax - A very brief review

Alan emailed me some pictures of the Avon Filofax that we mentioned last week.

Well he ordered one, but I don't think he is terribly impressed with it. It's hardly what we would know as a Filofax with a full fill in it.

The pocket Filofax is quite cheap in quality, it comes with a diary, some address pages, and some ruled notepaper. No maps, no dividers, not card holders.... which I suppose leaves lots of scope to customise it yourself, but you could be in for a shock if you price up all the add ons...

Thanks for the pictures Alan, I wonder who will be getting it as a Christmas present....

Anyway, judge for yourself.


  1. So glad I didnt order one now! That really does not look worth the money!

  2. Seems a steep price for what you get. For 30 pounds you can get a fully kitted out Personal size Filofax. This is Pocket size and seems pretty bare-bones.

  3. It doesn't look good does it? If it didn't have Filofax written on it, I would have said it was a cheap copy made by someone else.

  4. Definitely not impressed by this! Overpriced and doesn't appear to be a quality product. Honestly I would not be happy to give someone this as a present. You can get better products for less money!

  5. Another thing I noticed from the photos is that there is no name for this style of binder. Normally inside the cover where it says Filofax and the size, there would be a name (like Domino, Chameleon, Malden) etc. This one is nameless, it seems!

  6. I think because its a one off promotion event so there is no name. But I want the keychain :)

  7. I can't believe how cheap this looks, and the price is plain ridiculous.


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