06 November 2010

Saturday Night Slumbers

Well there's nothing on TV... that interests me anyway. I can hear the rain on the trees coming down outside, so what a better chance to update you all on a few Filofax things.

Firstly, thanks for continuing to buy things on via the site, our commission/donation to the Breast Cancer Campaign is growing, I wish it was the total sales figure we could donate rather than the commission fee, but times is hard, or so the news people keep telling us!

Well spotted Gareth about the personalised diary refills on the Filofax site, I think I recall that they started doing these last year on the Letts Diary site. I wonder how popular they are? I wish you could also customise the diary format itself, I know a lot of us would have a lot of fun doing that.

Jess and Oni attended the Filofax Bloggers event on Thursday night again it was about the Gourmet Gift Box Set. You might have noticed has been reduced in price to £38. Jess has done a blog post about the fashion pages.

Our star reader this week seems to be Kyla (Caribbean Princess) who not just content to tell us about her own Filofax Organisers has done a full review of a friends Filofax read her detailed post on her blog.

Reading the post it lead me to wonder what we will discover/learn from each other when we meet up on the 20th... I think I had better review the contents of the organisers I will be bringing along, before I open them for all to see....... 

I am looking forward to the chat tomorrow, I've more or less recovered from my sore throat/cold bug that hit me earlier in the week so the voice should be back to normal by tomorrow evening.

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  1. I love those personalised refills - thanks for highlighting them. I'm off to buy a couple for next year :)