05 November 2010

Free For All Friday no. 103

Last weekend Europe changed their clocks, and this week it's the US's turn.

I grew up in Indiana, and back then we didn't change our clocks at all.  Half of the year we were on Eastern time and the other half of the year we were on Central time.  So when everyone else in the country changed their clocks, we changed our time zone.  Even now I couldn't tell you which half of the year we were on which time zone.  It was especially confusing to me as a kid when the TV program commercials would announce the show's time as "8 o'clock Eastern time, 7 Central" and I'd still have no idea whether to tune in at 7 or 8.  I think most adults were confused by it too.

Despite the confusion, there was much resistance several years ago when the powers that be decided it was time for Indiana to join the masses and change their clocks too.  So now the state is on Eastern time all year round.  Except for the parts of the state that are on Central time.

Anyway, as always on Fridays the floor is yours for anything Filofax related!  Don't forget to join in the Skype conversation Sunday the 7th at 5 pm UK time/ Noon Eastern time!


  1. Ooo first comment!!

    Couple of things...

    1. Lighter Later are doing a campaign at the moment to move UK to the same time zone as Europe, I think it has a lot of merits...especially for me when it comes to watching UK TV!


    2. QV have just done a great blog post, take a read here:

  2. Nice blog post from QV. I dont like the dark afternoons either but would it be acceptable for those further up North in Scotland (like Laurie) without the clocks going back?

  3. (new here, HI! You featured my Dutch blog a few weeks ago, and now, with my three filo's and one on the way, I feel I should comment here!)

    My iPhone has trouble with daylight savings, so I've been waking up an hour too late the frist day after DLS.

    Thank heavens that my trusty filofax still knows my schedule.

  4. You know what, normally I would prefer more light in the evening. But now that my oldest is in school, I really like the fact that the sun is up at least by the time she's eating breakfast. When I was a kid, in the winter the sun didn't come up until after I was already sitting in my classroom, which was a real drag to say the least. I really appreciate that I'm not walking her to school in the dark!!!!!

  5. I also started my winter school days in the complete dark. But I totally loved it! I thought it was really exciting. The heating in the classrooms was open full-throttle, so we were all really cosy and warm, while there was still freezing darkness outside. Those pictures will stay in my memory forever, and I really cherish them ....

    That said: I am totally ´pro putting UK in the same time zone, cos now Ebay can be really confusing ;-)

  6. Femke that problem with the iPhone happened to me too as hubby uses his iphone for the alarm. Fortunately for us, I use my old vodaphone phone instead as I am slightly anal and so we were ok (although I had forgotten to change it over and so I was up at 5.30, needless to say DH was not pleased!) haha

  7. I wish that would pick some time, either daylight savings time or not -- whichever works best in the winter -- and then leave it there all year. Summer has plenty of daylight regardless and the time changes really mess with me. I spend about 3 weeks after each change tired and feeling out of sorts.

  8. In need of some inspiration. I have a small memory stick which stores hundreds of reference documents I use regularly. I would like to keep it in my personal classic, but it makes the file bulky if I put it in the zipped pocket. Any ideas on how I could carry it around?
    Happy Friday everyone!

  9. I remember carpooling with some friends up to Spirit Rock in Woodacre, California back in '93 to attend a "Day of Mindfulness" with the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh. His main base of operations is Plum Village, hard by Thénac in the Dordogne. To get to Woodacre, we had to leave very early and spent the whole day there. The once and future Governor of California, Jerry Brown, was also in attendance, not as a speaker or celebrity, just as a person interested in TNH (later as Mayor of Oakland, he invited TNH to speak there in an effort to stem the violence in that city). Anyway, by the time we got back into Vallejo, the sun had gone down. "Gee, we left in the dark and we're coming back in the dark," my friend Mikki noted. "Next time we'll have to pay more attention," I quipped. Zen humor?

  10. Laurie - I had no idea Indiana was so confusing like that! That's crazy - how did you know what time it was at all? Making parts of the state one time zone and the rest a different one seems a little drastic - couldn't they mark the line around the state?

    I don't like that it gets dark before I leave work in the winter, but I do enjoy the extra hour of sleep we get when falling back.

  11. Up here in Scotland it is dark by 4pm, I hate it. Makes us all suffer from SAD

  12. This year I cannot wait for the extra hour as my 16 year old son is learning how to drive, and he insists on driving to school in the morning. Up until tomorrow, it's been so dark and when it rains, I'm even more nervous. I'll be glad for this Monday morning. Filos are getting a real workout this week, and hopefully I'll be on the Skype call tomorrow. I bought a new web cam with a microphone several weeks back, but it doesn't seem to be working right. See you tomorrow!

  13. Hey, have you seen the personalised diaries available @ the FF web site?


  14. Hi! I'm a new user to the site (and I'm a bit later than Friday!) and I wanted to see if anyone knew if you can order European (specifically Italian) filos and have them shipped to the US.

    Anyone know? This is probably a super rookie question, but thanks all you filo-geniuses for your help!

  15. Hi Ms Cake and welcome...

    Yes you can order from the Italian site and have it delivered to the US, the shipping rates are here:


    A few of us I'm sure will be interested to know what you have spotted on there that isn't available elsewhere??