13 November 2010

To Do Notes

One our readers Anthony wrote to us with a new file for the files area:
Here is a form I thought you might like to post on the site.  For 2011 I ordered the personal size 2 page per day.  I was not able to order it for 2010 but I still wanted to see if I would like using that format, so I created a similar page with 10 todo lines on the top, and some lines for notes on the bottom.  It prints out double sided on Letter size paper, so you can cut them out and place one sheet between each of the dpp sheets to create 2ppd.  When printing the pdf, the pages seem to line up best if you turn off any fit to page settings, but have the auto rotate and center setting on.  Thanks Philofaxy!!
Thanks Anthony, this file you will find in the Files area. 'Personal Todo/Notes'

If any of you have any files you wish to share with other readers please email them to us.


  1. Hi Anthony, looks like we have chosen the same setup for next year. I solved the problem of the remaining 2010 months by using the undated Day Planner pages. I tried the DIY way, but unlike you I never found a way to have the pages align back and front.
    We definitely must compare notes on the 2PPD format for next year!

  2. I use the 2 days per page format and really enjoy it. My handwriting is big, so the extra space helps. Hope you enjoy the format as much as I do. I also use the Filo Jot-Pads, which are great for extra notes, to-dos, and stuff.