16 November 2010

My video review on Filofax UK

My video of the Filofax Gourmet Gift Box is up on the Filofax UK website!

Click here to have a look.


  1. What a great review, Laurie! I'm particularly impressed that you can talk on and on, without any hesitation and no "ehms" and "ehs". And that grape colour looks even better in the video ....

  2. LOL "talk on and on," yes I can certainly do that!! :D

    And yes, the Grape color is really beautiful. As a purple lover, I have to say I like the Grape even better than the Lavender.

  3. You can tell it takes me almost an entire minute to loosen up a little bit. I'm so self-conscious on video!!

  4. Laurie you were great! A real natural :-) I prefer the Grape too but I already have the lavender. I didn't think you looked self conscious at all. It was very professional. I am so excited to meet you on Saturday.

  5. Laurie, you are a STAR! I thought you provided all the information required to sell this product with such panache! Your additional information about the gourmet club card (the inclusion of the high end restaurants as well as affordable restaurants with all the price points in between) - very good to know. You did that segment with such ease ... congratulations on a lovely job!

  6. You are a natural Laurie... well done.

    I think we could more of these videos for Philofaxy. I have a couple of ideas for some but I'm not sure I will equal your excellent presentation skills!! Although as they say practice makes perfect I guess!!

    Great stuff.

  7. I notice Filofax USA now has finsbury and chameleon gift sets (appear to be the binder and a coordinating pen).

  8. Hi Laurie
    There are a few other similar reviews turning up on You Tube, and they look like they have copied your excellent review.. but they don't do it as well as you have done.

    One amusing one...


    It looks to me as if somehow the video has been reversed, all the writing is back to front! The Domino has become a left handed one etc... how does that happen with digital video?



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