25 November 2010

Filofax Travel Journals

Using your Filofax as a travel journal is not a new thing. It's great to keep a record of your travels and where you visited, where you stayed, which restaurant you ate at etc. 

Filofax sell a Travel Journal Lifestyle pack that Laurie reviewed here and then put it to the test here. Helen told us how she used this pack for her European Adventures

Today, Cathryn Cook published her own version of a Filofax as a Travel Journal, she hasn't used the Filofax Lifestyle Pack, but built up her own, which I think in some ways is more fun, also there's no point in filling your organiser with pages you know you aren't going to use. Cathryn also posted an earlier article about the way she decided on the contents of her own Travel Journal.

So if you have a trip coming up at Christmas, or you are planning a big trip next summer, check out all of these posts.

1 comment:

  1. I feel a bit nervous about using my Filofax as any form of travel journal. What if I lose it? A notebook is way more disposable.