10 November 2010

Mid-week recovery

So having slipped back to UK late last night under the cover of darkness, today is a day of recovery for us both. The French wine has been unloaded... room in the car for some English goods to go back to France...

So here are some posts you might like to read this morning over coffee:
I'm off to decide which 'English Goods' I might take back with me....


  1. May I suggest crumpets, scones and salt&vinegar crisps? LOL

  2. nnnoooo.. has to be cadbury chocolates: Penquins, fudgies, buttons, yorkies... I stock up at Tesco's on about $40 of these delicous goodies!

  3. Spotted Dick. For the non-cognoscenti, please google the term before you report me!


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