24 November 2010

Philofaxy London Meet - Snippets [updated]

So much was discussed and we saw so many things in the shop on Saturday I was rather blown away by the whole day really.

Thanks for all your great comments and thoughts on my earlier posts.

So here are a few snippets of info that we have remembered from the day and I hope you find them interesting and useful for the future.
  • Although not shown on the website the Filofax Shop had packs of pages for the Lifestyle packs, so if you ran out of a particular sheet they have additional ones. Contact Neal Street for details of what is available.
  • The Filofax Store sell the organisers without a refill, just the binder on it's own. Each one showed the price with or without the refill, from memory I think the saving was about £5.
  • Some of the sales items in the store had to be seen to be believed. For instance they had a Pocket Waveley normal price £160 reduced to £40. The leather was very soft, I was tempted to buy it, but I don't think it would have stood up to the rough and tumble of being in my 'man bag'.
  • Another sale item spotted  - 'The Pocket Maroon Panama was a steal, reduced from £60.00 down to £20.00 which made a 'deluxe' Filofax cheaper than some of their entry level Filofax'.
  • Seeing all of the organisers and refills in one place is quite breath taking. It's not like looking through a website, you need to allow more than an hour if you are going to do some serious browsing through the shop!! Please note: I said browsing... not buying, although I defy any Filofax fan to walk out without purchasing something!!
  • Kyla (Carribean Princess) says 'Write a list of what you want to get beforehand so that you don't forget (preferably in your Filofax)'
  • She also suggests that you 'browse the website and write down the models and sizes you are interested in so if you don't have enough time you can check out your favourites. I am surprised at how much I preferred the Ruby Deco to the amethyst.
  • If you are thinking of organising your own meet-up try to plan it as far ahead as possible. I got everyone talking together before hand by email. First of all I contacted each person individually to make sure they were happy to share their email address with others. Then I just CC'd in everyone who was attending in an introduction message, then they could just do a reply all to the message and it went to everyone. 
  • Another one I've just remembered... We all wondered about the Avon Pocket... why? We couldn't think that such a low quality organiser could do the Filofax brand any good...


  1. Oooh the Waveley.. I remember that one all too well as I was also very tempted to get one....
    I'm glad I didn't though! I'm already spending those 40 quid on a parting gift for a work colleague his week!!

    You know what I really missed? getting to chat with you long and proper, Steve!

    If there´s another meet up, please let it be during nicer weather, this cold's killing me >.< !!!

  2. Yes there will be another meet up that's for sure... just a case of when... and I will make more of an effort to sit in the middle next time, so I can be in the middle of the conversations...


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