07 November 2010

Filofax Gourmet Gift Box review

Many thanks to Filofax UK for sending me the Filofax Gourmet Gift Box to review!  It is an excellent product and I think it will be a great gift.

The gift box is comprised of:

1) a very nice looking Filofax box

2) A personal size Filofax Domino organizer, in either Grape (the color of mine) or Slate (worth 21 pounds)

3) a really beautiful Filofax pen (scroll down, it's the Silver one worth 20 pounds)

4) a complimentary 2010 weekly diary so you can start using it right away, and the Domino is pre-loaded with the City Dweller Lifestyle Pack for 2011 (worth 17 pounds) which has a unique weekly diary layout and loads of other inserts.

You can see inside the pages of the City Dweller pack on the Filofax UK website (click here).

Here are just a few examples of what's included in the City Dweller pack:

Weekly diary pages with a very interesting and unique layout.

Budget and Expenses sheets.

Outfit planner pages.

Personal MOT and Fitness plan.

Shopping lists and, if you can't be bothered to shop and cook, lists for your favorite takeout restaurants.

Party planning and travel itinerary pages.

There are also contacts pages, address pages, tabbed dividers, and loads more. You can see inside the pages of the City Dweller pack on the Filofax UK website (click here).

5) A free 12 month membership to the Gourmet Society UK, which gives you discounts on meals at restaurants all across the UK.

You get all of that, for the now-discounted price of only 38 pounds!! That's more than worth it even if you never use the Gourmet Society discount card. But I highly recommend you do use the discount card, because it is super-easy to use and find a participating restaurant near you.

I had a couple of concerns about the Gourmet Society membership before I started to use it. First of all, I thought there wouldn't be a restaurant anywhere near the small village I live in and that I'd have to travel the 30 or so minutes to Aberdeen to find a participating restaurant. Also, I worried that only high-end restaurants were participating and that I wouldn't be able to find one in my price range.

I'm very happy to report that I was wrong on both accounts. There are definitely higher-end restaurants, but there are also family eating establishments and even national chains, so there are restaurants available for a wide range of budgets.

Also, using the easy restaurant locator on the Gourmet Society UK website, I discovered a participating restaurant literally within walking distance of my house here in our village! There are several in our area, and of course loads in the city.

It was very easy to make my reservation using my card, and the restaurant staff were very friendly and welcoming. Using our card was very easy, and we got a great discount on our meal!

I think this is an excellent gift for a man or woman, indeed anyone who wants to be organized and get great discounts at restaurants for all of 2011!

Many thanks again to Filofax UK!


  1. Ah, the City Dweller! That's the format I've been living in for 2010! It's fun to see it shown in a different context.

  2. Treated myself to the Grape version and am lookig forward to making savings on meals out. Totally agree with you on the price. I think it is fabulous.

  3. Anyone selling the city dweller pack? Or have printable of the special pages?

    1. They only did those packs for a limited period along with two others the name of them escapes me. I have a few sample pages of them. I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to create something similar from those photos.