01 November 2010

Filofax offers in Tesco and elsewhere..

I've never seen Filofax organisers quite this cheap before, it even beats Ebay prices... and you get Tesco Clubcard points too! For those that don't know... Tesco is a UK supermarket chain, but they also have stores in other parts of the world.

One of our 'roving reporters' spotted these on sale in a Tesco Superstore in Edinburgh at their Hermiston Gait store. A Tesco Superstore is far from the biggest either. Not sure if these offers are only at that store or at other superstores around UK. Can any one confirm it?

Looking at these, I wonder how many of them find there way on to Ebay at starting prices considerably higher than the shelf edge price....

Another UK store that seems to have a lot of good offers is WH Smiths with up to 50% off organisers and inserts.

And then one must not forget the stores on our suppliers page, which also offer various discounts, and of course the chance to donate the commission to our Breast Cancer Campaign collection...


  1. I can confirm that Tesco's in Bradford are also offering Filfax's at silly prices. I haven't seen any at £4.50 though! Might have to nip out to Tescos tonight lol

  2. Wow, they ARE cheap! There's a Tesco here in Malaysia, but sadly Filofaxes weren't imported together with the store :(

    And I'm seeing this just right after I made another unjustified purchase on eBay UK haha...

  3. Gosh, I wish you wouldn't post these things -- just makes me envious since we have nothing like that in the States ;-)

  4. Crazy prices at WHSMiths online. £45 Finsbury at £18 at the moment!

  5. Gosh...i would buy a trolley of those

  6. Wow, that IS cheap. And totally explains all those "great" bargains on the UK ebay-site ... ;-)

  7. At those prices I would buy them just for the filler paper.

    And the Indie looks cool, why haven't I noticed it before?

  8. I just came back from Tesco in Bursledon (Southampton) and they did have a limited range of Filofaxes, the Black Identity and Lavender Domino but no real bargains. The personal size Domino was £19.50. I did buy some white ruled notepaper in personal and mini size only to find when I got home and checked my receipt that the mini was 50p more expensive than on the Filofax U.K. website. No yellow discount offers to be seen.


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