12 November 2010

Filofax Dream

Yes, I know we all dream of Filofaxes, but last night I literally saw mine in a dream.

In the dream, I had the 2 filos I might normally carry in my handbag...my red Person Finsbury and my pocket fitness turquoise Finsbury. I was stopped by the police (lots of them) for speeding in a mall parking lot. They gave me a battery of tests, testing my reflexes, etc. to make sure I was fit to drive. I passed all the tests, but no one would tell me what the speed limit in the parking lot was or how fast I had been going.

When the police left, there was one man who stayed with me--a very friendly mall security guard. He and I spent the day at the mall, making friends with other people, and he was very protective of me the whole time. I trusted him. At the end of the dream, he and I were hanging out outside the mall with some other people, and he asked me to go inside and introduce myself to another mall employee. When I came back, everybody was gone, including him, and I realized I had left my handbag on a bench. The filos had been taken out, and all my cards were missing. I screamed! My identity had been stolen! In the case of the pocket, he had stolen my diary pages, too. I realized he had gained my trust, planning to steal my identity the whole time. I woke up this morning thinking that I had to start calling the credit card companies before I realized it was a dream.


  1. Definitely a bad dream! I quite often have good filofax dreams - I am in a shop and it has an amazing array of filofaxes that I have never seen before. I find the ultimate filofax and then I find one that is even better.... then i wake up and lose that lovely satisfied feeling, and can't even remember exactly what it was that made the filofax so perfect...

  2. baggirl - I have had similar dreams, where I'm in a store surrounded by tons and tons of Filos, all mine for the taking. I'm so excited in the dream and when I wake up I'm disappointed that I don't have any. More often though, I have this dream about bags. Based on your ID, maybe you have too? =)

  3. Hi kanalt, you guessed quite right- yes bags and filofaxes...!