08 November 2010

Roundtable - Summary

So yesterday was the first of our 'regular' Skype Roundtable chats, if you recall we have decided to do these on a regular basis now on the first Sunday of every month. So if you miss one, it's not quite so long until the next one.

We had some new people joining in yesterday as well as some of the 'regulars' and I hope it was as enjoyable for everyone as it was for me. People joining in for the first time might have taken a few minutes to adjust to this format of on-line discussion, but after they got settled down it all seemed to flow very smoothly.

I really value all the questions and comments, it's a great form of feedback and helps me when it comes to writing new articles, in particular how much detail to go in to, and this was highlighted yesterday on one small point, so I have a note written down to post an article with pictures about punching A5 with a non-A5 punch.

As usual for this time of year there was quite a bit of discussion about diary formats and we were able to give people a few pointers of sources of different refills and formats.

Quite a bit of discussion took place about the London meeting on the 20th November, all the people that will be attending that were on the discussion yesterday were swapping details about what Filofax Organisers they would be bringing along. So it will be a great day I'm sure.

If any of you find the timing of the roundtables clash with your Sunday routine because of where you are in the world, please pop in a comment on this post and we will try to adjust the schedule a little, but please remember the spread of people around the globe that take part is quite wide. 

Today I'm going to be busy ticking things off my packing list for my trip back to UK and the wind and rain are coming down outside so it's time to dig out Winter coats I think!

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    1. It was a very nice chat. The time of the day is convenient. Thanks for opportunity of meeting you all.

    2. Sorry I didn't make it! But Sunday at 5 p.m. I'm cooking dinner for my family and after dinner the usual "tuning down and packing kids to bed" routine kicks in ... :-
      Does Skype offer a transcript option? That would be neat, cos then we could read up on the discussions afterwards ....!

    3. Jotje, you read my mind! I was forced to miss as well. Oh well, Dec 5th I have EVERY intention of being there!

    4. Steve, thanks for the transcript! As for 5th December: that's the day when Sinterklaas (the original Santa Clause) visits all Dutch kids to bring them a busload of presents. No round table opportunity, I'm afraid ...