27 November 2010

Filofax Pocket Chameleon

During my visit to the Filofax Neal Street store last weekend, I had the chance to compare the Malden and the Chameleon in my hands and not just on a website as I did in a previous post.

Both of them were available in my preferred colour of black and in pocket size.

I wanted something to replace my Finsbury Pocket in blue, which I use as my daily carry around Filofax/Wallet that you will have heard so much about earlier this year! This size has been working well for me... hard working in fact.

The only downfall I've found with the Finsbury in this mode is that is only has two card pockets and with the pen loop on the right next to the zip pocket it tends to get in the way when I'm trying to retrieve coins from the pocket.  The Chameleon solves both of these issues, minor though they might be.

The left inside cover has 5 card slots, which is about the number of cards I have to carry here in France. Like the Finsbury there is a vertical pocket as well behind the card pockets, which will be able to take my UK passport and UK driving licence.

The pen loop is also on this side, which frees up the zip pocket on the back cover for my Euro coins. The pen loop is a nice tight snug fit for my Filofax mini barley pen with no chance at the moment of it slipping out, which has happened a couple of times with the Finsbury. The pen loop is leather, but it has an elasticated part to it as well. 

Additionally there is a full width back pocket, which I use for Euro notes, not that I carry much cash!

The Chameleon like the Malden is a full leather organiser, interior and exterior, so it should stand up to the day to day use it will get better than the Finsbury.  The leather is lovely and soft and not stiff at all. As you can see in the pictures above it lays fairly flat from new. By choosing the black there isn't the 'two-tone' effect that there is with the other colours in this model.

Personally I like the way that the leather edging has been finished off on the Chameleon better than the Malden. The additional card slots also swayed me towards the Chameleon as well. 

As you can see I've not moved over to the Chameleon as yet, I will start the 'move' this weekend, I want to also go through the current contents of my Finsbury and have a bit of a tidy up at the same time! The ring size on the Chameleon is slightly smaller than the Finsbury and Malden (15mm compared to 19mm) so I need to slim the contents down a little.

As usual click on any of the photos to see them full size.

Carribbean Princess's detailed review of her personal size Filofax Chameleon in pink is also worth a read if you haven't read it already.


  1. Thank you Steve, I think I got it - on my own by the way! Didn't need my son's help! I really like this Filo, I have been debating whether to get it in the Raspberry, and I think I will.

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  3. oooh mywormy the raspberry is beautiful! Almost too beautiful as I still cannot bring myself to use it as yet........
    I may give my adelphi a break next spring/summer and use the chameleon then :-)

  4. Steve I am glad you like your Chameleon. It is a lovely design
    :-)Although the black looks very serious indeed!

  5. The chameleon is proving to be very popular this christmas, filofax are having a few problems with the spring green colour though, and we are finding it difficult to get them in stock, so if you like the spring green, buy it quick, as they are going fast. I was thinking about getting myself the black one in personal size, as I cannot go a day in the shop without lifting it off, the feel of the leather is very unique, unlike any other filofax.

  6. I have both the (raspberry) Chameleon and the (crimson) Malden. Despite the terrific raspberry colour, I definitely prefer the Malden. Just something about the leather, can't really explain it. Plus, I love that little zipper pocket on the left ...

  7. I love this idea of using a Filo as a wallet too. I'm off to see what colours are available and put it on my "wishlist"

  8. I'm currently using my red pocket chameleon as a wallet/organiser too - love it so much. I can sit there stoking it for ages.

  9. I'm using and loving MALDEN as wallet, but now looking for a new color and maybe changing the model. This one could have been a good solution but the rings 15 mm sopped me, I'm really tight with 19 mm couldn't think about reducining ring size. I'm becoming crazy in looking around...
    Maybe you can help me?
    Which other model should I consider?
    The characteristics I need are:
    19 (or more) ring size
    Back pocket
    Some credit card holder/zip pocket
    Thank you soo much!