02 November 2010

Butterflies.....are they migrating?

The other day I linked to Caribbean Princess's post about her beautiful red Butterfly Pocket Filofax pictured right...

But it is always nice to see another post but in the alternative colour, this time Yvotchka with her pewter Butterfly Pocket Filofax. This almost looks silver under the flash lighting, but I suspect it's more grey in natural light.

I can see I'm going to have to get some of the Filofax Sticky Notes, they really brighten up any organiser, even if it's only for photographic purposes!!

Thanks to Kyla for the use of your photo.You will be learning more about Caribbean Princess later this week.....


  1. That is so cool! Where I come from there are hardly any filo-faxes so you don't really get a choice when it comes to the covers. When I bought mine I looked all over town and I only had the choice between black or blue. Still functional though. :)
    I am seriously considering ordering one online, although I prefer reusing things.

  2. I love the Butterfly. I would probably also get the pewter if I were not on a self imposed ban :-(

  3. WHERE are they getting these? The pewter one is gorgemous!

  4. The pocket red butterfly is my favourite filo! It's gone back into the drawer until I can afford a spare that I can use and abuse.