17 November 2009

Binder cover that folds back?

Hey everybody, I have a quest for you!

I got an email from littlediva12 over at Flickr. She is in search of a Filofax (preferably) or other brand of binder where the cover folds back on itself like a spiral notebook. I don't know of any myself, so I thought I would open the question up to your group wisdom. Here is an excerpt from littlediva12's email to me, with her preferences and what she has already checked out:

"I fell in love w/Filofax a near decade ago when I was searching for the equivalent of a Franklin Covey planner I'd fallen in love with but missed out on purchasing. The binder was a light blue, and divided into quadrants by white stitching--almost the exact replica of a Filofax Classic binder! A couple issues have held me back from making the "big purchase" at the start of each new year, tho.

Besides the issue of paper size (can I manage to downsize to the 5.5" width of an A5 when I've been accustomed to a width of either 9-7/8" or 10-7/8"?), my other major concern and main priority is that my planner fold back onto itself, just like a spiral notebook. While a spiral bound planner would fit the bill, I'm in need of a ring-bound planner. As much as I love Filofaxes (have been poring over them for years upon years, and have come close to making one mine), it would be a waste of money to buy such a lovely (and pricey!) item if it proved cumbersome to use, especially since I'd be using multiple times throughout my day.

Now that I've rambled on about my dilemma...perhaps you know whether Filofax makes a (ring-bound) planner w/a fold-back cover (i.e.-with front & rear covers that fold back to meet each other, like the covers of a spiral notebook)?? If not Filofax, maybe you know of another company that mfrs. a ring-bound planner like this.

Otherwise, I'm familiar w/Levenger's Circa Roll & I've considered trying one as a day planner. (I need a couple, anyway, to use as notebooks.) I've also been scoping out materials w/the possibility of making a DIY planner. I'm hoping, however, that I can enjoy the little luxuriousness of a Filofax. :) It would be much easier if I didn't have prerequisites, I realize! I look forward to hearing whatever info you have to pass along."

I told her if anybody will know the answer to this, it will be the Philofaxers! Can anybody help her out?


  1. I had an organizer like that. It was a student organizer by Mead/Five star.
    I had a personal size but I think u can get a bigger size too. Check on www.mead.com.

  2. NHgrrl on Flickr recently got a Franklin Covey Compact size binder that she says can fold back on itself. Does anyone know if all the FC binders can do this?

  3. Laurie, FC sells a variety of binders, many of which don't fold back.


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