27 November 2009

Free for All Friday No. 54

Since yesterday was a holiday in the U.S. (Thanksgiving, a.k.a. Turkey Day), I'm enjoying a 4-day weekend. Some folks use this weekend as Christmas shopping kick-off, which is why I avoid shopping this weekend!

Instead, I'll be ordering my 2010 refills and catching up on projects.

I do use my Personal Filo, which doubles as my wallet, as a shopping companion and aid. I have lists of gifts given every Christmas, so I don't make duplicate purchases. I collect gift ideas throughout the year, although I don't make the final decisions until December. I list interesting shops that I want to go back to.

I of course keep my weekly food shopping list in there -- behind the QR tab because the name of my local grocery store begins with R.

Do you take your Filo shopping?


  1. I have a mini Filo, that I got for a steal on eBay recently that I keep Christmas lists for my family in. I love it. It is so convenient to have those lists with me all the time. I won't be doing any Christmas shopping this holiday weekend because I have to work. Boo...

  2. I keep a weekly shopping list that I have a personal Kendal Filo. I keep a shopping list that I add to as the week goes on for things that I need to buy. This is in my behind my Home tab along with a page I made up with all the differrent meals I make so I can think of what to cook and what I need to buy each week.

    I also have a Wish List Tab where I write things that I would like to buy when I have enough money.

    I also have in my Home section a list of measurements from around the house that come in handy when I am out and about. For example I have been looking for a new cutlery tray to fit my kitchen drawer, so I have the width, height, depth and length of my kitchen drawers written down, along with the height and width of my windows, pantry shelves and study desk drawers. I don't know if this is overkill, but it has come in handy on a few occasions.

    I also have a list of gift ideas for family and friends and the shop they are from.

    Oh, and I also have a section called Products that had pictures I have cut out, of..well products that I would like to get. I have wine, perfume, nail polish, a necklace and a very cool water carafe and even icecream! Strange perhaps, but a picture paints a thousand words and make it easier to find what I am looking for!

  3. Silver_Elixir: wow...you are really organised! And I understand having the measurements for your kitchen drawer. I once boughta cutlery tray that was too big for mine. I wasn't able to return it, so I had to get a new one...(at least I'm using the large one as a tray in my tool cabinet)
    Since I take my Filo almost everywhere, I can write down relevant info on those items I wish to purchase at a later time, such as the printer or stationery supplies I'm looking for. This then acts as a 'shopping list' once I actually go buy them.
    And what a coincidence! Just this morning I was considering adding a page with a sizes chart for me and my boyfriend...

  4. Inky I do a similar thing, I keep a list of gift ideas so when I see something someone might like I jot it down. Then when their birthday or Christmas rolls around, I can look at my list and remember everything I intended to get for them.

    I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving! We had a big group of friends over with everyone's kids. It was crazy fun. Today we drove over to Macedonia for the rest of the weekend. Skopje reminds me of a miniature Moscow! Watching the news here this evening we saw how insane the shopping is today on Black Friday. My sister lives in Texas and said it's just insane. That's definitely one aspect of living in the US that I don't miss!!

  5. I have two filos, one A5 and one pocket.

    The pocket filo does the job of the every day, keeps me up to day with my work shifts, courses and acts as my wallet.

    The A5 is the business end, notes, time tables, main diary, full contacts the lot.

    Both are used every day and both are carried with me unless I need to travel light on my bike in which case just the pocket comes with me (very handy fit in a cycle jersey pocket btw!)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Filofax friends! I keep a page in my pocket panama notes section for all christmas gifts, people I'm buying for etc. So yesterday, I told my boyfriend that I want a "mustard Finchely A5" for Christmas - I decided to go with my first instinct - the only one I ventured to pick up and hold when I visited the UK Filofax store last Summer. Tomorrow we're going to IKEA to buy a new desk for my home office I cannot wait to see how nice the Finchley looks on the desk!

  7. Take it shopping? I take my filofax EVERYWHERE! Well, within reason. My wallet holds just a few notes and a couple of cards, so all the other stuff that blokes keep in their wallets reside in my filofax. Photos of almost the entire collection are online in the philofaxy pool on flicker.


  8. My personal size slimline is getting lots of use because I can carry it around everywhere without putting it in to a bag, it slips in to the map pocket of my jacket. I'm using it as my wallet as well, so it has to go with me.

    As I write this comment I'm in France for a week, so I'm having to carry my passport around with me all the time. France and UK might be part of the European Union, but they insist on foreigners carrying some proof of ID!! So my passport slips neatly in to one of the pockets in my slimline. I've been using my filofax to record reminders on to-do lists as well as for scheduling appointments for a busy week here in the Deux Sevres.


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