05 November 2009

Free for All Friday No. 51

Hi everybody!

This week, I've used my Filofax for everything from recording a pasta salad recipe to planning a vacation to Las Vegas. Has your Filofax been involved in any new adventures lately?


  1. Oh yes, getting into the busy time now and I have all my Filos working at once! This month is very events-intensive with lots of things to schedule in my planner, guest list for Thanksgiving, and packing lists for our trip to Scotland next month. My designated Scotland Filofax has been seeing new action as I write in new places to see and go while we are there this time. My household Filofax is gearing up for sending Christmas cards as I revisit my lists of who I've sent cards to in the past, and I'm updating addresses in the A-Z tabs section. Thank goodness for Filofax(es), or I would be completely lost this time of year!!

  2. I am starting to get itchy about putting in the new year diary! I don't like to change over until the end of the year as I think there is something nice about heaving out the old and starting the new with shiny fresh paper! But my final few weeks of this year look a mess in my filo and I'm desperate to start afresh in January with colour-codes and NEAT WRITING!!
    This week, I have been mostly crossing out and writing in changing diary events! Lots and lots coming up in the next few weeks and seem to have nmo spare time to put any new appointments!

  3. I've been listening for 30 minutes each day to various self-help and productivity audiobooks and podcasts. I take notes in my Filo on salient points and recommendations.

    I added in the first two months of 2009 because I already have a few commitments in the new year.

    Oh, and I got some cute note paper from Morning Glory that I've been using for the diary I keep in my Filo.

  4. I added a leaf to my Filofax with an unofficial version of the alphabet, which you might find of some amusement.

  5. Excellent alphabet gmax! It's my brand new pocket panama filo's first "working" weekend! Last week was spent staring at it in the box and finally taking out Sunday to record addresses. It's got 2009 and 2010 w/ room to get fatter! One of the adventures I'm taking my filo on is to record a cooking challenge I've accepted. Learn how to cook by going thru a cookbook I rec'd as a present 5 years ago... I won't do a blog but will record all of my cooking in the filo - something fun to look back on next year.

  6. I had to use my year planner in a slightly different way this week. It's the horizontal planner. I was looking for two blocks of a 7 days that didn't clash with other appointments, but they had to be spaced by 4 days.

    I devised a very simple solution with a strip of paper with some pen marks and marker pen stripes. I then slid the stripe of paper along the planner like it was a slide rule, until I found the perfect timing in December!


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