18 November 2009

One year ago on Philofaxy

OK a little bit over a year ago by a day or two... but this post by Nan back in November 2008 'What/Where' is just as valuable today as it was then.

Nan was planning how she was going to be using her Filofax in 2009, deciding what was going in which section, the names for each one etc. Take a read and let us have your thoughts as always in the comments.

It would be interesting to hear from Nan about how her plans back then have worked out?



  1. This entry just caused me to spend over an hour going over comments from 2008 and finding a whole bunch of new ideas for 2009 Filofaxes! That's what I love about this blog - I get so inspired! Tonight I'm coming home and writing out my wn "what/where" list!
    @Laurie, so do I understand correctly, you use the A5 A-Z tabs for alphabetical lists? (I'm getting an A5 for Christmas and I really don't wnat to copy over addresses from my 3-week old new pocket).
    By the way, yesterday I was listening to a webinar on social media and all I could think of during the call was Philofaxy and our friends at Filofax UK & US(bow)!!

  2. Hi Michele,

    No, I don't use the A-Z tabs to file lists, although I've heard of that. I have separate tabbed sections for my (numerous) lists.

    I use the A-Z tabs for contacts and addresses, and in my household A5 I put my website passwords etc.

    Hope this helps!


  3. I'm wondering if I should use two A-Z tabs, one for contacts, one for lists/projects. Has anyone done this?

    I'm also finding all the accessories ie sticky note, calculator, portable puncher, mirror (haha), call cards, zipped envelopes etc are making the filo lopsided. Do you put yours in front or at the back? I tried putting them at the back but it makes writing hard.

  4. I find it very serendipitous that Steve reminded me of my post just now. My plans worked out well for the first part of 2009...but 2009 is already changing for 2010.

    For example, I've only had to juggle 4 major projects at a time for the past few years. Now, that number has more than doubled. The rings of my A5 organizer aren't big enough to hold all of the notes I currently generate each year, so I'm mainly working out of an A5 notebook. But in the long run, I'll still need a tab for each project in my A5 Filo.

    I haven't ordered any of my 2010 diaries yet. I'm not sure if I should go with the day-per-page, or week-per-2-pages and continue to rely more on the notebook than the Filo.

    I think a new what/where list is in my own future!

  5. Keep us posted Nan! I always did have trouble with juggling multiple projects at work. I finally resorted to standard-size 3 ring binders to hold my notes etc for each project because they generated so much paper. And the binders were free in our supply cabinet at work. And I couldn't afford an A5 Filo at the time! But a Filo is a much more elegant solution.