13 November 2009

Dreams Do Come True

I have received as a very generous gift my "dream Filofax," a Personal Deco in Ivory!! It is gorgeous and I love it, love it, love it. I have posted a bunch of photos of it on my Flickr page!

It's a beautiful Filo, but the thing is a workhorse too. The closure strap is long so the book can be stuffed full (which I inevitably do with my Filos). It also has a full-length popper pocket inside the back cover, and inside the front cover there's a full-length zip pocket, another full length pocket, and card slots so it can double as a wallet (although I don't think I will use it that way).

One happy discovery is that the pen loop is leather on the front, and the back side is elastic to accommodate a wide range of pen sizes and shapes. Even my Bic 4 color pen fits into it, but I had to take it back out again because it's just not classy enough for this Filo!

It came loaded with all cotton-cream inserts including diary, address pages, and notes pages. Very nice. I'm not certain but the cotton cream pages seem a little thicker than the normal Filofax paper?

The Deco has hardly left my side since I got it and I have already spent some time getting to know it, loading it with my pages, and filling in the diary. Even though I had already filled in my 2010 week on 2 pages diary insert, I decided to do it all over again so I can use the cotton cream week on 2 pages because it looks so nice!

And if you were wondering, yes that clasp is even more beautiful in person!

Very, very happy with my new Deco!!


  1. Wow! How lovely! I absolutely cannot wait to see your photos up on Flickr!!!!

    Again, Happy Birthday to you Laurie : )

  2. It gorgeous, Laurie, absolutely beautiful!! Enjoy!

  3. Awesome filo, Laurie. Enjoy it!!!!


    How wonderful Laurie, Maybe I could stretch to getting this one as my 'wedding book'?? Maybe not...

  5. Just visited your flickr. Lovely. What are your tabs? I can only see 'Notes'.

  6. I have lots of tabs, including:

    Emergency and Medical; Travel Info; Local contacts; Information (where I keep my lists of goals, my workout schedule, and other reference info; Lists (I have a lot of lists), Notes, Move (to prepare for our move in a few months), Financial, Addresses.

  7. Heartfelt congrats, Laurie!

    I know how felt when I received my white Deco (personal size, too!), and how I feel when I take it out of my purse to write. It's bliss!

    I added some flat-back rhinestones around the locking mechanism and on the two bookmarks I use. A girl can never have enough bling... and this way, I can tell which white deco is mine and which is yours. :o)

    Gee - so what's your next dream? :o)

  8. Thanks Stephanie! LOL so we can tell which Deco is yours and which is mine! We should have a Deco party.

    Yes now I have to come up with a new dream don't I?? Luckily I have lots of dreams. ;D

  9. Stephanie, your black rhinestones sound awesome. I'd love to see a picture. I did something similar with my citrus personal Piazza. I used clear rhinestone alphabet stickers to put my initials on the bottom right corner. I love bling too!!

  10. Hi, D:

    I just uploaded some pics on flckr of blinged deco.


    Hope this helps and stirs the bling creativity in you!


  11. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for the pictures of the BLING!!! I love it. Your fountain pen is pretty awesome too. I use fountain pens, but all of mine are too fat to fit the pen loops on my filos, so I keep Parker ballpoints in the loops and just use the fountain pens in the filos when I'm at home.