02 November 2009

Poll Result - What size Filofax Organisers do you own?

Thank you once again for an excellent response to the poll. 84 votes this time and grand total of 164 organisers, which is no surprise as our previous poll said that most people had at least 2 organisers in their collection.

No big surprise either that the personal size is the most popular, followed by the A5 (which is always being mentioned here). Then came the pocket size and an then the slimline, which is gaining more of a following I think.

No M2's and the rest scored only small numbers. It would be interesting to hear from the users of the A4 and Deskfax organisers to hear how they find those bigger sizes.

Here's a chart of the full results:

Click on the image to see a full size picture.

And finally... if all the organisers were laid end to end they would stretch for 28 metres... aren't spreadsheets wonderful things!

Once again thank you to everyone who took part.



  1. I was wondering how many readers have a Mini. I am being tempted to have one.
    On another note, has anybody seen that in the UK site they don't have the black+red Classic (it's available in Germany, France..)it looks awesome!!
    Oh and another sighting: The Domino Snake!!!
    So much drool is going to mess up my laptop!!! :)

  2. Fellow Mini owner here - bought it about 3 weeks ago and am totally in LOVE with it.... Fantastic build quality, nice drive, amazing what you can actually get in the boot.....

  3. We too like the Mini Cooper.. on our second one!

    I think Filofax should do a tie up with BMW Mini, some exclusive colour combinations would be exciting.


  4. I just finished reading the BMW Cooper blog and I must say they've been very helpful with their input on the FILOFAX MINI.

  5. Sorry - think irony of my post was maybe too subtle in print! A smiley might have been in order....!

  6. The title of the graph appears to be wrong, it says how many, not what kind.

  7. The different colours represent the different sizes, click on the picture and you will see a bigger version!

    So you then see how many personals compared to how many pocket etc.