13 November 2009

Free For All Friday No. 52

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! In the US at least, Friday the 13th is considered to be unlucky. But I was born on a Friday the 13th so I like to think of it as a lucky day. I hope it turns out to be lucky for you!

To add a bit to your luck, check out The Daily Planner if you are in the market for a Filofax Urban, they are on sale right now.

How's it going in your Filofax life these days?


  1. My filofax life has just got VERY exciting!!
    I got engaged on Sunday (!!!) and am now using my filofax as my 'wedding book' and have a whole new tab just for planning the wedding in it! So far I have a provisional guestlist, ideas for venues, dresses etc etc etc. I am SO EXCITED (abot the wedding, but also about getting to use my filo so often!!!)

  2. Congratulations Charlie... good luck and I hope everything goes to plan..

    Don't forget a list of wedding presents! A Filofax for your husband may be ;-)


  3. Nothing as exciting as a wedding to plan for me...Congrats Charlie!

    My 'exciting' Filofax news has been working out how to make convincing top tabs in my A5 Kendal. Bought a new set of blank dividers, turned them horizontally and used my Filo punch to put holes along the top of the divider. Voila - top tabs which look authentic and really usefl for subdividing sections. And in an A5, four fit perfectly along the top....

    Am I a bit behind? Is everyone already doing this?!

    My other musings - would a zipped A5 suit me better to keep spare pens and loose papers in? Does anyone use a zipped A5? I have a Metropole Zip which I use as a storage binder (got it cheap on eBay) but this is the biggest of the Zipped A5s and I find it too big to lug about. Has anyone got a Cuban or Guildford Zip? Do you find it too bulky?

  4. Happy birthday Laurie : )

    Congrats Charlie : )

    My Filo unluckiness came on Tuesday the 10th when I spilled tomato soup all over it. So in comparison, this Friday the 13th business pales!

    Free for all question: do any of you use your Filo as a wallet as well as an organizer? Some of the interiors seem like they would accommodate paper money well, there are of course card slots aplenty, and the ones that have zipped pockets could even handle coins...just wondering....

  5. Charlie congratulations!!!! How exciting! Very happy for you.

    YM: I have seen people use the very small Filofaxes as wallets. I don't know if it's Pocket or Mini size, but they are basically a wallet with rings for pages: the length of the binder has a pocket for bills, zip pocket for coins, and slots for cards.

    Also the Deco has slots for cards and a big popper pocket in the back for coins, bills, or whatever. How do I know this? Well...

  6. Meant to add: YM, which of your babies got soup all over it?? Were you able to clean it? That's a tragedy!!

  7. Laurie: Is it your birthday again then? Sorry if I missed it...

    Read about the tomato soup incident here: http://nhgrrl.blogspot.com/2009/11/you-say-tomato.html

    YM: Yes the Pocket Finsbury could be used as a wallet: It has a full width pocket that runs behind the rings so it's over 20cm x 13 cm deep. It has a couple of card slots in the front inside cover. And a zip pocket in the rear inside cover.

    I'm using my personal slimline as my wallet, but it doesn't have a coins pocket. But on the upside there's 6 card slots plus a long slot in the front and another long slot in the back for money notes, driving licence etc. It's working for me.


  8. Congratulations Charlie! That's wonderful news. You know you should keep your filo intact as is and keep it as your 'wedding book' and than after the wedding buy a new filo. My mother did this back in 1956 with her date book/diary and every now and then I love looking thru her book...

    YM, I actually was thinking of using my pocket panama on the weekends as a wallet- just to take when I'm going to the diner or the book shop - saves carrying a bag and if I'm in a diner and a thought comes to me to write down....

    OK, you guys will be the only ones who understand... Last night my boyfriend tells me has to go the Far East next week for meetings... What do you think my immediate first thought was???? It was "hmm, I should check out the Filofax Asia site and if I order soemthing have it shipped to Asia office" Is that bad or what?!!!!!!

  9. I didn't specify, but the Friday the 13th when I was born was Friday the 13th of October (making it extra creepy for those superstitious types).

    Thank you for your birthday wishes though YM!

    Michele: no, that is perfectly logical! Maybe they have items there that you wouldn't otherwise be able to get!!

  10. Laurie, would you believe on the Asia site there are more choices of color for the Finsbury and the Finchley. For ex, 8 colors for the A5 Fins to 4 on the UK site! Going back to Francesca's comment & question, I'm in the market for an A5 myself - Does anyone have the Guildford Zip and find too bulky?

  11. Congratulations Charlie! That would be exciting, to keep all of those plans in your Filo. I got married before I was a Filo user and missed out on all of that goodness. I did keep lots of lists, but not in anything as fancy as a Filo. =)

    In other news, I just got one of my non-Filo user friends to look into getting one. She asked me about mine - I referred her to the Filofax website, to this blog, and the to Flickr group. Now she will be getting one for Christmas and she's very excited. My next objective is to get her active on the blog!

  12. @YM-- It's not a Filo, but I have a wallet/planner from Lizell that has a coin pocket, full length cash pocket, slots for credit cards as well as a small binder. It's bulkier than a regular wallet so it limits the size of purse I can use, but I like having a calendar and notepaper with me at all times.

    I've looked at the pocket and mini Filos and would love to get a baby Finchley to match my personal, but they only have two or three card slots. I carry so many cards, from AAA to the library to grocery discount cards to debit/credit cards that two or three slots simply aren't enough. Also, my Lizell has a card slot with a clear plastic window where I can put my drivers license, making it easy to present on request. I wish Lizell still carried these wallets, but alas, they don't and I haven't found any quite like them in the market. I bought two a few years ago and I figued I'm set for the next decade or so... :-)

    @Charlie: Congratulations!!

  13. Vidya, is the wallet you describe similar to this:



  14. How cool Charlie, congratulations. We should compare notes, because I am also planning my wedding. My boyfriend proposed to me little over a year ago and we will be having our wedding next may. (Yes, we took some time getting together the money because we want a good party.)

    Something else exciting, for my filo at least, is the new refill I have found. It is a week on two pages format, with the days as columns! How handy this will be. I put up some pictures on the flickr page. Did any of you see this format before, apart from a similar one in A5 size? Mine is personal size, and it was quite a surprise to me when I found it. Last few weeks I almost abandoned my filo for outlook because it had this view though I missed the papaer, now I can have the best of both worlds.

  15. pauw I would love to hear where you found the personal size week on 2 pages with the days as columns!! I've never found this format in the personal size before.

  16. Is it this one:


    Which is a week on two pages, horizontal format.


  17. Hi. I'm a philofile from Asia and have been a stalker for a while now :).

    I have the Finsburry Zipped A5 in red and the Butterfly Pocket in red also.

    Where is this Filofax Asia site? I didn't know there's one. Been buying off Amazon US and Ebay UK. The shipping cost is crippling.


  18. Steve, here is pauw13's photo of it on Flickr:


    It's a different format from the one you have linked. pauw's has the days as columns vertically on the page.

    On this photo:
    pauw says the languages on this format are English, French and Dutch with the info pages directed toward the Netherlands and Belgium, so I'm guessing it's from that area.

  19. Thanks for that Laurie. OK it's Filofax reference number 6848410 and in their Netherlands store here's a picture of it:


    Top left:


  20. Hi,
    I found my refill in a stationery store near my house. The dutch filofax site has no ordering possibilities and is rarely updated, so I almost never look there. But the picture Steve found is indeed the one I have.

  21. @Dilaila: How do you find your ZIpped Finsbury? Is it very bulky to carry around? What pockets does it have inside - there's not a picture of the inside on the filofax website. I'm thinking of moving from my A5 Kendal to a zipped A5....

  22. @Dilaila - For Asia, they have a Japan and Korea site. I just went to www.filofax.com and searched on "Please select your country". Some of the stuff on it looks like it's in English.

  23. OK try here:

    I hadn't spotted that you couldn't buy at some of the Filofax on line sites.. another Filofax oddity!

    I was a little sleepy earlier too!

  24. I've asked our friends at Filofax UK HQ (bows head) about the 6848410 refill about why it's not available on the UK site... or one that we can do on-line orders from!

    I will of course report back...


  25. @francesca: The zipped is slightly bigger than the unzipped, which makes it easier to dump things in and not lose the.

    It is rather bulky but I only take it out for work ie meetings. (I work from home). The rest of the time, it's at my home office, or if i go somewhere after an outside meeting, i leave it in the car.

    I couldn't do without it. It's my portable office. Anything to do with work goes in there. Very practical size for printouts. I don't even have any other filing system for work.

    Inside Left: Full length zipped pocket, a few vertical credit card pockets, one with transparent window and a pen loop.

    Inside right: Notepad holder and pen loop.

    @Michelle: Thanks. I have visited the China and Korea filofax site but it's in their language. Will check out Japan.


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