09 November 2009

Personalised Filofax Refills

I came across this press release this evening:

Letts and Filofax launch personalised diary service

Both Letts and Filofax brands are to launch a website this month offering customers the ability to create a personalised Letts diary, or Filofax organiser diary refill, including the addition of personal dates and photographs. The site has been created in collaboration with Penwizard, the award winning personalised publishing experts.

The site, at www.personalisedproduct.com allows the user to create either a Letts spiral bound diary, calendar or notebook; or a Filofax organiser pocket, personal or A5 diary refill. Unique features include the ability to enter an unlimited number of personal dates; the addition of names in silver embossing; and a personalised store of your dates and photos, allowing re-use of your information in the future.

Both Claire Coughtrie, Marketing Manager at Letts and Sharon Golbey, Marketing Manager at Filofax commented “This is a very exciting launch for us, representing a move into a developing market sector by two trusted brands. The opportunity to provide a product on line which has been completely personalised by the individual consumer is a significant strategic marketing development for Letts and Filofax”.

The formats available include:

  • slim and A5 diaries
  • wall and desk calendars
  • A5 and A6 notebooks
  • pocket, personal and A5 Filofax diaries

Customers can select from a variety of cover designs, and then upload their own personal photographs to appear in the diary. The system offers a selection of standard diary dates (such as UK holidays) to be added to the diary, before the user then enters their own personal diary dates.

Prices start from just £4.99 for an A6 photo notebook. Now there’s no excuse for anyone to forget that important anniversary or birthday!

For further press information, visuals, or to arrange a Press Product trial please contact Claire Coughtrie on 0131 663 1971 or at ccoughtrie@letts.co.uk

Remembering that Letts and Filofax are part of the same company, it was an interesting development. I've checked the Filofax UK site and I can't see any mention of this new product available on there.

However, clicking on to the site mentioned in the press release: www.personalisedproduct.com you will see a Filofax tab there. I guess a lot of us already personalise our 'fill' after our initial purchase and very few pages are discarded.

I'm note sure how popular this will be. May be give us your thoughts in the comments



  1. Wow wow wow!!! I think this is very exciting! What a great idea: you enter all your birthdays, anniversaries, notable dates etc ONCE, and it stores them so you can get them printed year after year. I took a look and it looks really great. You can have a photo for the front page. And perhaps most exciting is you can start the diary in any month and it goes for 12 months, so there is no missing out if you don't start it in January!

    This is a fantastic service, and it doesn't cost very much more than just getting the regular diary pages. No more forgetting birthdays, they'll be pre-printed in your diary! I wonder if they ship overseas...

  2. The answer is, yes they do, but it's not cheap. Hm, still worth considering!

  3. This is such a good idea and I can't believe that no-one has thought of it before. Of course, the cost implication is a consideration and the usual "OMG A NEW DIARY INSERT... WHERE ARE MY POSH PENS? I'M GOING TO WRITE IN MY BEST HANDWRITING!"* scenario that I enjoy during the next few weeks but, like has been mentioned... no more forgetting important birthdays or anniversaries.

    *new blog post idea forming.....

  4. On one hand I think - great! No having to print everything out. And it is a fantsstic idea - one of those 'why has it never been done before?' ideas. But personally, my filofax develops with me. I like writing by hand and writing each week afresh. It's only really birthday lists and favourite photos that I would like pre-printed. But I have so many - how to decide which ones would go in? But what a nice gift for someone!

  5. hmmm - I'm not sure about it. In theory it's a great idea...
    But I would say that the reason I love using a filofax quite so much is the whole pen, paper, writing thing! I would be worried that a) I LIKE writing in events and dates and birthdays, b) it would make each page very samey, rather than the (beautiful!) mess of scrawls and different pens and colours that is my diary and c) I'm not sure I would necessarily read or notice the key date I'd put in if it wasn't written very obviously and in big writing on the day....


  6. I have to agree with Charlie. Last month was my cousin's 50th... I wrote her name in my fanciest script with a bunch of !!!! a huge number 50 and a big smily face.


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