24 November 2009

Philofaxy on BBC Radio 5

I was interviewed by Jamillah Knowles from the BBC Radio 5 live programme 'Pods and Blogs' which was broadcast early this morning. You can catch up with it on-line by downloading the podcast from iTunes or by going to the BBC Pods and Blogs webpage and listening on line there.

You can also listen to the broadcast here



  1. Hey Steve, I took my laptop into a conference room during lunch so I could listen to the podcast. Great interview!

  2. Brilliant interview, Steve! Long live the Filofax :-D

  3. So cool you're on the Beeb! Great interview Steve.

  4. well done Steve!!

    an electronic organiser has just never interested me - your office with no electronic devices sounds like heaven!! (with the possible exception of my beloved ipod!)

  5. Thank you everyone for your great comments, I'm pleased I didn't let the site down with my on-air nerves!

    Jamillah has now put the show notes on line with a link to us here, so hopefully it will encourage a few more people to come and join us.

    Again many thanks




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