30 November 2009

The Perfect Size?

Is there such a thing as the perfect size organiser? Or is it always a compromise, too big and it becomes a problem to carry around, too small and it's too small to write in or you can't store as much as you like.

The slimline organisers in personal and pocket size (not available in all markets) are a near perfect solution to the too big/too small compromise.

The A5 as we know is perfect solution for the office/home office. It has ample capacity and acres of space to write in, although the A4 goes even bigger, but I realise that size isn't sold in the US.

The personal is the 'original' size, it is the middle of the road when it comes to size, and it is obviously very popular, but unless you go for a slimline I find it's not so easy to carry in a jacket pocket, so like the A5 it's best suited for your briefcase or hand bag.

The pocket is as its name says suitable for most pockets I've used one quite extensively in the last couple of years. Great for capturing notes, to-do lists, appointments etc.

The mini, I have to be honest I've never tried one of these size organisers, they seem to be too small for my requirements, but I would be interested to hear from Filofax mini users...

Our what size dilemma might be helped if the pages could be interchanged between different size organisers a little easier. As you might have discovered if you try to swap pages between different size organisers some work some don't. I have noticed that some of the pages sold by Filofax have four slotted holes and two circular holes. On a pocket size organiser, this allows a page to be slotted in to an A5 or personal size organisers. personal pages will fit in to an A5 by folding one of the corners or by simply cutting a small diagonal off the corner on the ring side of the page.

So what size would you choose if you had the decision to make a whole new size of organiser?


  1. I had this very choice to make today. Do I get another pocket size filofax or do I go up a size to the personal.

    I currently have a pocket size for my every day use and quick notes and an A5 Domino for the more 'heavy duty' tasks which I carry in my bag is is fabulous for what I need.

    I choice a pocket urban in the end for a number of reasons. It will fit more easily into my uniform trouser pocket (I work for the ambulance service so it needs to fit in combat trouser pockets) and be easily accessable. Also most importantly budget, getting the personal size this time round would mean spending out on additional inserts, with another pocket size I can transfer over the existing ones.

    My partner is a three filofax man, A5, Personal and Mini. The mini he says is spot on for when he need to make on the spot notes (he's a Marine Engineer officer in the Royal Navy) and do diary checks. It can easily be carried in his shirt pocket. The personal is an every day filo and the A5 is like mine the heavy duty business end filo.

    I don't think there is any one filo which does every job, you generally have to use a combination of filos to have them do everything you need them to. I love both the filos I have and their indivdual qualities.

  2. I have to say that the personal size Filo is almost near perfect for me. Not to big, not to small as far as dimensions go. And the pages fit the Slimline also. My issue with the Slimline is the ring size. The largest one I've seen is 1/2 inch (US size) and it's just slightly too small. I can get the pages I need in there but can't turn them too well. And if I have to adjust how I use it, then it's not working for me, rather I'm working for it. If Filofax could make a Slimline that's just a hair larger in ring size than the 1/2 inch, I'd be as close to as prefect size planner as I could get. I have tried the Pocket size, thinking this would make my life simpler, but upon opening the package, I knew it wouldn't do for all of the information I keep. As was mentioned, one's use for a specific planner size can change daily depending on the need. But I think this is why I have planner envy - I don't have the "perfect" planner, and so every one I see I think could be the one to fit the bill, but so far, among all the types and sizes I've tried, the Personal is it, until they come out with a Slimline that can take over.

  3. 42: I have a question, do the Mini and the Pocket have more or less compatible inserts, like the pocket and personal? I am toying with the idea of getting a mini, and would like to use my pocket inserts with it. I am aware they are longer, but do the rings fit? are they too wide maybe?

  4. I vote A5 for functionality and pocket for portability. I've only used a Personal in the early years, before Filo came out with the A5.

    btw..do they not sell the 1.5" ring anymore?

  5. Oni: funnily enough I brought the wrong diary inserts for my pocket filo the other day and they fitted with no problem, only the size looked odd.

  6. Nicola, thanks a lot! That will make my search for a new Filo much easier. :)

  7. slimline a5! slimline a5! the page size is best for me. now if the binder could be smaller and lighter...

  8. I completely agree with Penny! The Personal size page is too small for me to use as my planner, but the A5 binders are too big and bulky/ heavy for me to take everywhere.

    I think a slimline A5 would be the solution!

  9. As an aspiring writer, there's something just-right about the Personal for me. Looking back on my bins of old journals, I've always been a small-book, fine-point guy. Might have something to do with taking the NYC subway almost from the time I first walked, a lifetime of being on the move, carrying bags, writing in small spaces, often in public.

    Also might be that (somewhat shamefully) I do count pages, love nothing more than to see a number of pages filled ahead of the page I'm writing on. Needless to say, it's easier to fill Personal-size pages.