24 November 2009

Plannerisms blog

Hi everybody, shameless plug here. As much as I love Filofaxes, I'm also fascinated by other planners, notebooks and accessories (as anyone who has seen my Flickr photostream will know).

So in order to keep Philofaxy strictly (mostly) Filofax-related and yet still indulge my obsession for other types of planners, I have started another blog of my own, Plannerisms. My apologies to NHGrrl for copying the same template, it's the prettiest one!

I hope you like Plannerisms, if not as much as Philofaxy (of course!) then enough to check it out:



1 comment:

  1. Hey! We must be connected or something! Just last week I also started a new blog to be Filofax and stationery related... I just haven't started writing in it yet...
    Anyway, I've already become a follower of yours and look forward to reading your stories :)


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