25 November 2009

Filofax Freecycle/Loan

This idea comes from Nickie on the discussion page off our Facebook Page:

''Do you have a Filofax that maybe needs a new home - one that you haven't used for a while or one that just doesn't suit your needs any more?

Would you be prepared to lend it to another lover of Filofaxes or maybe organise a swap rather than it sit there doing nothing, collecting dust? It would also give other Filofax users the chance to try out new sizes and styles.''
If you aren't familiar with Freecycle, people offer their goods to the rest of the group for free rather than for sale or rather than throwing them in the bin/garbage. Now Freecycle covers everything from books to babies nappies from soil or rubble to rock guitars. A few things are off limits, but not much.

So how would this work with Filofax? Well if you have an organiser or any Filofax related items, that you no longer use, but you would be happy to let it go to a new home, then you could 'Offer' it to the group. Now you can offer it as a permanent loan or just a loan for 1-3 months. If the later then it would be a great 'try before you buy' type service.

The person 'Offering' would be responsible for agreeing the terms of the loan and handling the cost of postage etc. Likewise the 'borrowee' would agree to return the item or pass it on for a further loan at the end of the period previously agreed.

Nickie has deliberately omitted the option of offering items 'For Sale' There are plenty of other outlets for doing that already.

But we don't want to get too tied up in 'red tape' let's try to keep it simple and lets try to make this work for the good of everyone.

Now it's not easy to 'post' offers on here, so I've set up a Philofaxy Google Group for you to Post your Offers or Wanted messages. Please always include OFFERED or WANTED in the subject of your message.

I suspect the traffic levels on the group will not be that high... but who knows!

As always we welcome your ideas and comments.


  1. I really like this idea.

    I have so many unused binders on my shelves, collected over the last 10 years. I often look at them and wonder what I should do with them. I don't like the idea of eBaying or similar, as all of these Filofaxes were bought because at one time I 'fell in love' with the style, or material, or design - I'd hate to auction them off for a few pounds to someone who probably won't be quite as enamoured of them as I was (and still am).

    However, Philofaxy readers' dedication to the Filofax often rival - and in many cases it seems (!) - surpass my own obsession, and I'd love to think of my Filos going to good homes.

    So I'm going to start it off with a post....if I can work out how to do it properly! Steve - let me know if I put it in the wrong place or something!

  2. Francesca - I've just seen your posts and have added them to the Google Group.

    You are using the same A5 as myself at the moment so I can't help you out there, I'm afraid.

  3. Steve - Good idea.
    I don't know how you resisted the temptation to call this "Filanthropy Forum" ;-)

  4. Great idea! I just joined the group...thinking of what I can offer and/or request. =)

  5. Too bad this group wasn't formed before I went through the craziness of buying the Guildford Slimline and Extra Slim, trying both and returning both. But this will be useful for all up-coming possible purchases. My husband's not sure if this group is a good idea though - just another thing to temp me at more Filos. ;)

  6. Wow, this is an excellent idea, especially for those of us who can't afford to spend more $$ on new Filos and such.
    I will also join the group, let's see what happens :)

  7. kanalt, this is one obsession I have successfully kept from my husband. He knows all about my yarn habit, and all about my book habit, but I'm thinking he wouldn't take too kindly to my Filo habit. It would send him right over the edge.

  8. D, you sound like my "virtual" twin... I have a yarn & thread obsession (knitting and cross-stitch) and have to have a major clear-out of books once a year to stop them from taking over the house!!!

  9. D & Nickie - I too can be a twin (or a triplet as the case may be). I knit also, though I don't have tons of time for it, so my collection of yarn isn't as big as my planner collection. Plus, I'm a librarian, so you can imagine how many books I have, but lately I don't buy too many books except for those of my favorite authors - everything else comes from the library. To that, I will add my very bad obsession with bags - I have way too many and in fact am looking to sell some on eBay (all of my notes and list for eBay selling is kept in my Filo and to that I can now add the Filos I'm looking to offer/swap on the Google group). I can't keep any of this from my husband though - he knew of all these obsessions before we ever got married. Ah well, he puts up with it all as best he can. =)

  10. I too love this idea and realize I'm posting several months after this was written because I just found this blog and love it! I am desperately searching for an A5 size planner in Camel. Alas it has been discontinued. Anyone out there want to trade? I have quite a few I could offer,,,,just ask!

  11. Erin - have a look at the Philofaxy Google Group that was born from this discussion :)


    Please feel free to detail any Filo's that you would like to trade/sell - the only thing we ask is that all "trades and or sales" happen away from the group by private email.