29 October 2011

Web Finds - 29 October 2011

So the last one of October... but I think you will enjoy them more than the 'Trick or Treaters' knocking on your door tonight....


    1. ooh... I love these posts. It's wet and grey and dull outside but I can be magicked away to a world of filofaxes and paper and stuff.

      And thanks for featuring me too!! :-)

    2. I agree with Amanda! It's like an alternate filofax universe !! :)

      Thanks for including me too!

    3. Thanks again for adding my link!
      Hope you don't mind me saying - I'm selling a Winchester filofax on eBay, details can be found on my blog :)

    4. We're having our first snow of the season. A good day to snuggle up with my heating pad on my sore back, my laptop and read some Filo posts! (Thanks for linking me, too!)

    5. thanks for the multiple links to my blog! Web finds is always my fave post, i lose a few hours reading these blogs!

    6. wow! almost 500 klicks this weekend.... oO

      that´s 1/3 from the full amount now haha
      thank you for adding my posts!
      and thank you for the web finds every saturday. you made my day!


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