01 September 2011

News Update - 1 September 2011

Hello Everyone..
So 1st September... I thought I would update you on a few changes on the blog... nothing major, but worth mentioning.

Firstly, you might have noticed that the layout/presentation of the blog has changed or rather evolved. I don't like making drastic changes, so I just made a few tweaks to the template. Possibly the most noticeable is the change in font to a sans-serif one, I think it makes it clearer / easier to read. I hope you like it.

Secondly, I've introduced a change on the Ad-spot page. Up to now advertising has been free, no commission has been taken, and we have 'sold' quite a few items via the page in the last 6 months or so.

I'm not introducing charges as such, but I am requesting that you make a donation to a charity run by Amanda one of our readers.  I would however stress that I am not going to check that you have made a donation before your advert is placed on the page, this will be an 'honesty' system, a bit like the donation plate for visitors at the entrance to churches. I will let you decide the size of your donation... but as the saying goes... every little helps.

Our other push for charity, the Cancer Charity donation continues to steadily grow (£45+ at the time of writing). Again thank you all for your continued support. No news yet from WH Smiths on us joining their scheme, I will email their co-ordinator to find out what is going on.

You might have noticed that the latest Web Finds was slightly shorter than it has been in recent weeks. I use Google Blog search to ferret out posts, and of late it's performance seems to be getting worse, I'm not sure what Google are doing, but their own Google Alerts system can take days to inform me of Filofax posts that I know are on the net already.  So a request... if you have posted a blog post and I've missed it, please drop me a quick email and I will make sure it goes in to the next 'Web Finds'

Finally, thank you everyone for your support for the Philofaxy All Stars Tour, it's going quite steadily. Thanks also to Angela for the 'badges' she produced. Since these have started to appear on sites, I have noticed a slight increase in traffic back to Philofaxy, and people coming in from these other blogs do tend to read higher than the average number of posts each visit.  I hope people are going back in the opposite direction too.

Thanks everyone.



  1. Hi Steve!
    I had noticed the template changes and really like them.
    The donation to charity is a nice idea.


  2. Hi! I popped over as I normall read in a reader so don't see any changes when I read the posts... the new changes look great (& love the donation to charity idea).

  3. Steve I like the fresh new look! Well done. :)

    And, thank you again for everything you do for Philofaxy and the charities that benefit.

  4. Thank you for all the charity support (both for Chimwemwe and all the others).
    As you say, every little helps!


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