17 September 2011

Philofaxy 2nd New York Meet Up - Live Update

Well today is the second US Philofaxy Meet Up of the year, you will remember the first one earlier in the year.

At this event is: Susan, Nan, Zoe, Colie, Raquel & Mimi

In this post I'm going to do some live updates as the pictures and info comes in, we will be dependent on the internet of course for the live updates so please be patient. We have been promised a full report with photos of the day once today's event is finished.

All times are New York time. 

12:50 And here is the first picture from inside the shop of Sam Flax

Well they will soon make a mess of that nice display won't they??!!!

14:15 And then Zoe discovered the Enigma...

and the Chameleons

and more...

Seems they like the Regency a lot... but not the price.

14:38:   They are now at the restaurant for more discussions/sharing/laughter... oh and some food and drink I guess

15:53: The Filos are out...

16:20 - "The pile" - UK beat that!

The Group, (minus a couple of them)

Thanks to Zoe for all the pictures and updates.


  1. Who's big fat green one?? Y'all are SO lucky!! *sobs* Looks like SO much fun!

  2. looks like you all had a great time! Lovely photos.

  3. Yes, looks great fun. That green Filofax really stands out doesn't it?

  4. That green Filofax is stunning. What model is it?

  5. The bright green is Colie's...

    You can see my 2 A5s toward the bottom...black Finsbury soon to be replaced by the beautiful cordovan Classic that I bought today.

  6. So is that an Enigma in the left pile near the bottom?? Did somebody splash out on one at the store?

    Looks like a great meetup!! Have fun everybody! :)

  7. That deep blue filo is so gorgeous! Is that a Topaz?
    I'd like to get a hold of that one, though it seems pretty rare nowadays. I have 9 filos now, that'll be the one to make me go to double digits. :)

  8. Sooooooo bummed I missed this!

  9. Love the purple Topaz. Was that ever available in the U.K.? There are quite a few of the older models I wish they would bring back, the Topaz being one of them. Particularly in the wine and purple.

  10. Hi Saffy, I too would love them to bring back the Topaz in wine. I bought the pocket size in wine - only because they didn't have anymore personal size.

  11. I want to know the name of the green filo, I love it too. It instantly caught my eye!

  12. @mywormy - I found the Topaz in the purple and wine only it is in Canada and it appears they don't sell direct to the public. Will have to have a better look though. Where did you get your pocket wine from? Are you in the US or Europe?


  13. Hi Saffy: I bought it from Filofax in the US a long time ago. I live in the US. Too bad they don't sell to the public!

  14. @mywormy - I think I saw your pocket wine Topaz on Flickr? Very nice.

  15. @mywormy - so they do sell to the public but not online. Only if you phone or fax.

  16. Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Thanks for sharing...

  17. Saffy: When I bought that particular Filo, I ordered it online. They don't sell them on the US website, but I have seen them on the website in other Countries.

  18. Yes, @Nan's new Classic is totally gorgeous!!

    @Laurie, the Enigma in the pile is to be my Christmas present from my BF : ) But he really is making me wait until Christmas for it!!!

    A WONDERFUL meet up! Thanks to @Kanalt for all her planning : )

  19. I *believe* the green binder is either the Piccadilly or the Winchester. I'm not sure which, as both names were tossed out. Anyone else know?


    1. Yes, there will be one in early summer, probably in June. You can expect to hear more in a few weeks' time. Anything beyond June I haven't yet thought about. We'll look into that after then.


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