22 September 2011

Diary Inserts for 2012 - Part 5 - Filofax Pocket

This time we take a look at the Filofax Pocket size. Don't forget there are other options which were covered in Parts 1 and 2 of the series. Part 3 covered Filofax own brand A4 and A5 inserts. Part 4 covered Filofax own brand Personal inserts.

The Filofax Pocket size has become increasingly popular in this past year. You only have to look through our own archive of posts to see how people use the Pocket size Filofax. 

Before you dive in to selecting a diary insert for your Pocket Filofax, you need to remember that there are two ring sizes for the current range of organisers, 19mm and 15mm, the smaller size might limit choice of diary insert, depending on what other pages you have in your organiser.

So after that note of caution, let us take a look at what is available from Filofax in the Pocket size.

It will not surprise you that the designs available from Filofax in the Pocket size are very similar in layout to the Personal size, just smaller by about a factor of about 0.75

Week on Two pages comes in white, pink and cotton cream. Again the cotton cream I think is the nicer layout as it gives equal space for each day.

The Swedish site has this Week on Two page vertical format available:

and also this format which mixes a blank area and lined area

The French site also has a similar format with appointments:

It's a similar story with Week to a Page, there is also the Week to a page with a Notes page facing. Quite a useful layout in Pocket format for those of you that use the Pocket for carrying lists of things to do, shopping lists etc. Although the multi language format does rob vital space on each day.

You will need to look at either of the French or German FF sites for a 2 day per page layout. Curiously this insert is in French, German and English.

Day to a Page, but note that this format might have too many pages for the smaller ring size of Pocket Organiser.

Sweden and Denmark also have this page available, which is a slight variation on the above.

Monthly pages are available as Month on Two Pages

The French site also has a horizontal format available as well.

Year Planners are also available in horizontal and vertical formats

There are also some slight variations on the above designs on the Swedish FF site and the Denmark FF site. 

In the next part we will be looking at the last size the Filofax Mini size.


  1. Pity, you didn't cover the inserts from foreign Filofax stores (like Sweden, Denmark, France etc.), because I assume we all know the standard inserts UK and USA offer ...?

  2. Post updated I hope it meets with your approval... ;-)

  3. Excellent job, thank you Steve. I use this size for my carry around so very useful. Just have to decide what I want now! I must say the UK seems to have a really boring choice! I'm pleased you have included some from other stores.