06 September 2011

Free For All Tuesday No. 31

So are there more questions than answers? Lets see what Filofax questions we can answer this week....


  1. So,the schools are back in session here in the UK (hurrah!) and it's time to start thinking about the coming year. I've always felt that September is much more like a new year than January, with so much energy to start new things things. Even though I've never been employed in acadaemia (although I have been a student from time to time). This year the energy is multiplied as we've just agreed to buy a new house, in a new area, and plan to start a new business as well! So there is plenty to exercise my Filofax as a *real* planning tool!

    First up for me is the question of diary formats for 2012, for my Personal Malden, which in the short time since I bought it has become my 'go to' organiser for everything. I've bought the horizontal week-on-two-pages diary with appointments (ref. 6842012)although that might not be the last purchase in this department. Last year Jotje very kindly bought a week-on-two-pages *vertical* layout for me (with appointments) from a shop in the Netherlands and mailed it to me, as Filofax *still* don't have joined-up web ordering across their network,and show no signs of even being willing to admit that being stuck in the internet equivalent of the 17th century might be a bit of an issue...maybe I could use that again? I do find the columns quite narrow though....

    Have others made any decisions about 2012 diary layouts yet?

    Happy Tuesday!

    David Popely

  2. Morning David - there was a big chat on diary layouts last Friday if you have a look (sorry, on phone, or I'd link to it). There's also the Dynamic Templates program which is free from the DIY Planner website which lets you create and print your own diary pages (URL is on the links pages, I think). I also posted a blog entry yesterday about how I produced my own using a mail merge and excel (www.stationeryfiend.blogspot.com). Lots of options!! Happy hunting!

    PS - I agree. September always feels like more of a new year than January does!

  3. Thanks Babs - I've been offsite for the last 2-3 weeks juggling property specs and appointments and driving over 2,000 miles, so I need to read myself back in. Have a great day!

  4. @David - In the past I've found September a sad month - the end of summer. However this year I feel different. No it's not because Strictly Come Dancing is back on air - a lot of people are talking about September being a good time to action new resolutions and make changes so I have changed my mindset and am enjoying this period as a 'new beginning'. I just wish I could settle on a diary for next year and get my filofax finally organised!

  5. I rarely 'pre-announce' posts on here, mainly because the day of posting can change up to a few hours before. But I will make an exception today...

    Starting tomorrow I've been writing a series of posts on diary inserts. The first part is more or less complete, I just need to put some finishing touches to it later today. The series at the moment is up to four parts in length, it might end up longer, not sure yet.

    It will basically introduce and sign post with links all the different inserts you can use in Filofax organisers.. and the Filofax made ones are only one part of the series! Yes there are that many!!

    I've been working on this for about 3-4 days and there's still quite a bit to do. But I'm aiming to get parts 1 and 2 out this week.

    I hope you are going to enjoy them...


  6. @David: this linking of filofax sites (or rather lack of) is bugging me too. I would really love to purchase the compact chameleon, but its not available on the UK site! All US sites will only deliver within the states and when I contacted Filofax UK the informed me the only place it *might* be available is the London store. But I live all the way up in yorkshire. What a dilemma!
    Anyway after my rambling, has anyone seen the compact chameleon availble anywhere else? Ideally I'm after the raspberry colour as all my other organisers are black and I fancy something snazzy as a change hehe.
    Thanks guys, and happy Tuesday! :D

  7. Hi laurla,

    I recently had a compact Chameleon delivered to Dublin by www.pensandleather.com and was very happy with the service. In my view it's best to opt for the tracked delivery - pricey, but worthwhile for peace of mind.


  8. Hi Laurla
    You can see them here:


    And the French site will ship to UK

    Cost details are here:


    Or contact Neal Street and speak to the staff there they will ship at cost to you in the North.

    Details here:



  9. Thanks guys that's really helpful :)
    Think I will contact neal st. first of all.

  10. @Laura - I'd contact the Neal Street first because I found they were sometimes cheaper than online!

    @Steve - I was only thinking today that is would be great to have some sort of schedule of all the inserts (particularly diary), where they were available, and the details of any Philofaxy person who was willing to buy and ship them if they could not be ordered direct. would be a great way to network with each other!

  11. Hello, all

    In case you are interested...there is 50% sale on selected organizers in Filofax Denmark. Pretty good dealls in some of discontinued ones, like the Amazonas. There is a personal Finchley in mustard that looks beautiful for 53 Euros!
    Thank goodness for website translators.

  12. @Steve. I'm looking forward to the posts this week.

    I have become more adventurous of late with diary inserts. i was always a page per week girl religiously. but now i also have a month per page in my personal malden, and in my new mini malden for 2012 i have week per page.

    @Laula. have you tried ebay or amazon? Or maybe even just doing a google search? you may be lucky.

    I love September myself, back to school for the kids and back to uni for me. Can't wait!!
    Have fun :)

  13. Has anyone tried the month on two pages for the pocket? Can you realistically write something in the spaces? I just use my pocket in my bag whilst out so just need and outline of what I have on - I keep details in my filo at home.

  14. @Alison Yes, I use the month on two pages pocket size. I tend to write "in code" and then the code refers me to details in diary for appointments or in lists for other info. Gives a good visual of when I am getting too busy on the month.

    I have to agree that linked international "store" for Filofax would be optimal. I so much covet the personal Finchley in mustard but Denmark does not ship to U.S.

  15. !!!! My A5 Cuban just arrived (thank you, Mr. Postman). It looks lovely, but I have to dash out to a dentist's appointment then get back to work, so I won't get to play with it until tonight. It's gorgeous!

  16. Can anyone tell me where I can go to buy stickers in the UK? I have some filofax ones but want some more with different symbols?

  17. @icclewu: yes I've tried both but no luck so far, but I'm always looking for bargains on eBay so maybe one will pop up in the future :)
    @alison: I've recently upscaled to personal size (well, slimline to be precise) but before that I used a pocket for about 5 years. I found the month on two pgs had plenty of room. There's space around the edges too if you wanted to make more detailed.notes for certain days. I think like mstraat said it just gives you a good visual of how busy your month is, you can add more detail in your main diary insert.
    Hope this helps :)

  18. @Alison, Take a look at the SNARLing videos for the compact Chameleon. The compact uses Personal size paper, and the videos show SNARLing's (gorgeous) tiny writing on M/2P paper and on To Do sheets. The Personal size M/2P layout looks eyewateringly unrealistic to me, so I'd imagine the Pocket must be bonkers altogether. Just my tuppence worth.

    Regards, Gerard

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  20. First time i'm commenting here, so Hello everyone!
    I've just received my first Filo!! Pocket Vintage Pink Malden, I already love thou! Ordered from www.cityorganiser.co.uk, and delivered 9 days after the order was placed. I'm very happy!
    Thanks all for the reviews and advice i read here and on your blogs!

  21. mstraat - i think sam flax might have a personal finchley mustard for you:


    i got the pocket for my mom - really beautiful

  22. @Alison - I've been using a month on one page (printed from my Outlook calendar) in my personal Domino. The squares are pretty small, but large enough for a few details. When everything looks a little crowded, I just reprint it, incorporating what I've hand written. It's very inexpensive - practically free! - to reprint and punch. So far (fingers crossed), it's working for me. Plus, it's nice to be able to see a whole month at a time.

  23. @SNARLing Many thanks! I am home from work late tonight but just hopped online and ordered it. Now for the long wait. . .

  24. @Alison. Paperchase do stickers for filofax. they are their own brand. Also WH Smith sell sheets of stickers that i used to use in my filo. They aren't hole punched, but are different. Hope this helps. :)

  25. FYI
    Over the last few weeks there have been a number of enquiries about various coloured filofaxes, aqua, raspberry, pink etc, which I have seen today in two different staples uk stores; in pocket to a5 sizes.