14 September 2011

Diary Inserts for 2012 - Part 3 - Filofax A4/A5

So in Parts 1 and Part 2 I listed a variety of other brands of diary refills, which will fit your Filofax organiser. In this part I am now going to cover Filofax themselves, so the size and hole punching isn't an issue, we know they will fit!

I am going to go through each size in turn and point out some of the differences between the different styles and also highlight some of the inserts not available on the UK site.

A4 size: The A4 is the biggest page size in the current range measuring in at 297mm by 210mm and given all that page space there are surprisingly few Filofax diary inserts. There is a week on two pages, which still makes Saturday and Sunday share a column.

Then there is a Day per Page Business style which is the same layout as the one I have been using in A5 format:

And finally a vertical year planner:

The A4 organiser isn't available in the USA and unsurprisingly they don't stock diary refills either.

If you find the choice in this size a little limiting then look out for some of the Print Your Own solutions coming up in later part of this series. A4 is obviously a very easy size to print your own diary and other inserts, so if you want the ultimate customised solution then that might be your best course of action.

Deskfax size:  The Deskfax size is 250 x 176 mm and although Filofax discontinued the organisers some years ago, they still sell diary inserts for this size of organiser. The rings in the Deskfax are three sets of three rings spaced in such a way that a Filofax Personal page will fit either the top and middle set of rings or the middle and bottom set of rings.

For the Deskfax size Filofax currently offer Week on Two pages, Week on Two pages with appointments. Day per Page in 5 language format. There is also a vertical format Year Planner.

Are there many Deskfax users out there still?

A5 size:  The A5 size brings us more in to the main stream of sizes that most people tend to use and even carry around. The page size is 210 x 148 mm and the binder has two sets of three rings.

Most of us will be familiar with the week on two pages format in the A5 size, it roughly splits in to a column layout with appointment slots for each week day with Saturday and Sunday sharing the final column, this layout comes in English only or a five language version.  There is also a standard non-appointment based lay out which gives equal space to each day in English only.

If you like a lined format. Then take a look at the Filofax Denmark site at this insert:

In week per page you can either have just the standard non-appointment equally spaced days format on one page or the same layout but with a facing notes page.

In day per page there is the appointment based layout or the business style layout, which is the one I've been using recently, it includes different task areas and reminders for each day. Saturday and Sunday are combined on to a single page in both of these layouts.

There are also Month on two pages and year planners in both horizontal and vertical formats.

Most of the above formats are available at all of the on-line stores

Another format that isn't so obvious from the on-line catalogue is the A5 Time Management Week per View layout. It splits a two page layout in to action points, reminders, expenses, time plans and activities.

There is also a Day View Time Management (2 pages per day) layout also in A5 size. Warning 12 months in this format is a lot of paper and you will not get a full 12 months in any of the A5 organisers!

Both of these layouts come as part of a Time Management Annual Update set which also consists of additional pages for Project plans, Year plan, and Monthly plans.

Although there are some slightly different versions of the standard layouts available in some of the other on-line stores they are only local language variations in this size. It should also be noted that all A5 refills are currently only available in white paper.

The A5 Family Organiser pack is still available on the USA Filofax site. This is more than just a diary refill, but worth mentioning here I guess. These are also available as a complete A5 family organiser package of the organiser and the pack. 

In the next part of this series I will be exploring the various Personal size refills, the personal size has quite a variety of options to choose from. Until next time....


  1. "It should also be noted that all A5 refills are currently only available in white paper."

    But if you have a photocopier.... there is a vast range of paper types and colours that await your creativity and pleasure!

    And don't forget all the various other makes of cheap bound diaries available, they just need to be guillotined.

  2. Does a hole punch exist for A4? Asking from the US, where I don't think I've ever seen it sold.

  3. John, Filofax themselves don't sell one because it's a standard hole spacing here in Europe for all A4 four hole ring binders.

    Loads of them for sale here in Europe or on say Amazon.co.uk


    Take your pick!

  4. hi everybody. this is definately the place of filofax masters. Thank you steve!!

    ähm. i hope you don´t mind, but i´m a new blogger and don´t know all the rules yet, but i got a serious question about finding the perfect diary insert for ME! could some of you just have a look and give me hints or usefull suggestions???


    thank you for your help!!!!

  5. Welcome ninjij! I recently did a guest post on Imy's blog about how to choose a Filofax diary insert that works for you, it might help you:


  6. Thank you for your help laurie!!
    I found the filofax college a few days before and immediately loved it, but never had the time to read it completely. yet. ^^

    I think in my case it´s less the question for the right layout, than for "how to DO my to-dos and not hold them for TOMORROW.... :/

  7. I've just bought a planner from sportsdirect.com which would appear to be Deskfax size - I love the size but I'm not very happy with the planner. Does anyone know where I can get a Deskfax/B5 planner ?

    1. I have a spare Deskfax binder in black - Kent is the name on the binder. It's an open type with a single stud clip to hold it closed. Two pens loops.

    2. I have just made some day per page templates though haven’t checked if the gap for the holes is big enough.
      I'm happy to send you them in this 'raw' form. They are based on an Outlook format.

      I’m new here I don't know how to upload files but wouldn't send unsolicited attachments anyway!

  8. Hi, first time here so forgive me if I break protocols

    have you a template for a day per page 2013 for the Deskfax?
    I have tried to modify the Outlook one but cannot say I'm enamoured with it

    Thank you

    1. No we don't but that doesn't mean it is not impossible to create one. Are you ok with the format of our A4/A5 day per page insert?

      If you are conversant with Word and Mail Merge you could download the source files and create one for yourself?


  9. Hi Steve,
    I'm ok with the A$/AS and word but have never done a 'Mail Merge' so I'll have an experiment and see if I can manage it :)



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