13 September 2011

Crimson Malden - Last Chance

Thank you to one of our readers 'CatB' for spotting that the Crimson Malden in Pocket and Personal size has been added to the 'Last Chance to Buy' page at 50% off.

Please use the following link to get 50% off the original price. Orders over £30 in UK are of course delivered free of charge.

Remember by buying through the link above you will of course be adding to the Cancer Charity Donation.

If you want a Crimson Malden... now is the time to order... don't wait...

Also noticed Pocket and A5 Kendal on the page as well.


  1. I heart you philofaxy!
    I was trying to decide how I could warrant buying myself ANOTHER beautiful filo aswell as getting hubby one at the meet....
    And as usual you have saved the day!

  2. Darn you! I really want a personal crimson Malden, even though I don't even use a personal size any more!

  3. I'm so pleased I could help guys! I can't decide between personal and pocket... I have personal malden in pink so I don't really need one, but I love the malden so much!

  4. Excellent!! Thanks for the heads up. My Crimson Malden in Personal size is now on it's way to me :-). I've been wanting one of these for ages.

  5. I notice there are Kendal's on that page too.

  6. Woo! Look at the donations total flying up!!!


  7. My Crimson Malden has arrived!!! It's waiting at home for me. Thank goodness I ordered one yesterday because the Personal size seems to be out of stock already. Pocket size is still available though for anyone who still wants one.

  8. Thank you very much for the info on the half price Crimson Malden! Mine arrived this morning :o)