17 September 2011

Web Finds 17 September 2011

So how has your week been? May be time to sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a read of some web finds:


    1. Thank you so much for putting my posts on. I will be in stat heaven once I have read the other delights. :)

    2. Blimen heck Steve, I'm going to be stuck at the computer all day now!!! LOADS to read, thank you!!!

    3. Thanks for the link Steve.

      Some great posts there. Took your advice, got myself a cuppa and now currently reading through them.

      Great stuff!

    4. Better go make myself a POT of tea!

      Choice between reading all these lovelies and housework...

      Not really a choice!

    5. Steve, thanks for these great links - I believe the tea industry owes you some sort of award :-)

      What do you make of Anita's crocodile print Winchester with the CCF code?


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