11 September 2011

A fairy tale story of a Princess and her DH

Once upon a time a Caribbean Princess and her DH decided that it would be nice to have a suitable country home to match their 'royal status'

After much discussion a fairy tale chateau seemed to fit the bill and they decided to call upon Steve and Alison's property search expertise to find a suitable fairy tale dream home for CP and her DH and their future offspring.

As usual Alison prefers to meet personally with her clients and so a date was arranged....

A nice vineyard seemed to set the tone right with ample parking for her DHs car collection in the back ground.

CP went about inspecting the courtyard garden area, she had purposely left her crown at home that day.

She was impressed that it even had its own throne, even if it was in store in one of the basement rooms.

She consulted the guide book along with her DH to check on the chateau history and how many bedrooms it had and if there was going to be enough room for her growing Mulberry collection as well as the already established collection of Filofax organisers.

CP then did  a quick inspection of the ripening grapes and declared them nearly ready picking for her own CP wine, which I suppose will become a classic vintage in future years.
And that evening they celebrated with a fine meal at a high class restaurant in the area.

But like all dreams they have to come to an end... but a happy end...  CP and her wonderful DH will soon be returning to UK after celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary in style with us here this weekend.


  1. AWwwwwwwww Its a pitty she didnt get her chateau!

    What a lovely load of pics, all of CP hehe

    Looks like you had a lovely time!! :_)

  2. Aah. This is a lovely story. I like the throne. :) xx

  3. So..... are these pics taken in France or the UK, I wonder? Beautiful pictures, but how couldn't they with such a beauty as object of photography ... ;-)

  4. France... yesterday! At Chateau Breze


  5. Haha. I had to keep it secret but DH and I are having a lovely time in France :-)
    We spent 4 days beforehand in Paris (my 2nd visit) and it has been great.

  6. Lovely post - nice to hear you guys are having a great time! Paris is divine - I love it! Must have been fun to get together!

  7. ohhhh.... it's my anniversary in October Steve... me thinks that I need a chateau too.. can I come for a visit too? lol.

    fab photos.. and CP and DH look like they belong there!

  8. How wonderful you all got to meet up!!!!


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